So, I guess I am back from my blogging hiatus and yes, I have a backlog of products to be reviewed. So, I am starting a new “feature” of flash reviews of various products. This time it would be Fresh skin-care. Fresh is a brand which has always intrigued me – they usually have a new spin on ancient ingredients, with beauty recipes from across the world. Who would not be in? Let’s roll! Fresh Lotus Eye Gel ($56 CAN)… Read more »

Dear concealer, your services are no longer required in the under eye area. Yes, you heard it right, I have said good bye to under eye problems for good. I just had a Eureka! moment today when I was taking pictures for a FOTD, nothing special. I was not wearing under eye concealer, even though I feel felt that I always need under eye concealer due to prominent dark circles, I tend to skip it because it cakes up and… Read more »

I’ll be honest, I have always been sceptical of Clinique’s eye creams. The famous All About Eyes cream – it just didn’t work for me. So when Clinique’s Even Better Eyes Dark Circle Corrector ($39.50) arrived at my door step, I was ready to take it with a grain of salt. Much to my disdain, this one blew me out of the water. It just worked.  It really did.

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