African Paradise Body Conditioner* ($39.95) Dreaming of Africa? Urges to travel so strong, that it is impossible to wait? No problem, take a sensual trip to Africa right away with LUSH’s newest offering! Made with finest of ingredients courtesy of Africa, which include  shea butter, moringa oil, aloe gel, with a spicy kick of clove bud oil and sandalwood oil. If you are not yet drooling already, wait till you take this bad boy to the shower. Body conditioners… Read more »

I just wanted to do a quick FOTD with mini reviews of my newest acquisitions and obsessions, which are all things pink. I’m sure you have read about these products before, so nothing groundbreaking or novel here, but of course, my two cents… First up is MAC Twig, which would possibly be one of the most universally wearable lipstick in MAC’s inventory. It is one lipstick I’d recommend without any hesitations to makeup newbies or oldbies alike. It is a satin… Read more »

  LUSH Turkish Delight Shower Smoothie – $34.95 Long time no review, so here we are with my latest (or rather dated) musing. I’m an absolute LUSHIE, so it must come at absolutely no surprise that I make a comeback with yet another LUSH product. From someone who lives in the Canadian Prairies, dryness is a constant battle. Anything that promises comfort is more than welcome in my stash. I’m a big fan of LUSH’s shower smoothies, previously having fallen… Read more »

If you are a person of Indian origin, Indian living abroad or an Indophile, in general, you most likely miss shopping for “Indian” things (clothing, furnishing, you name it). Well, speaking for myself, I love shopping in India and whenever I go to visit, I end up with ridiculously heavy suitcases. I don’t normally wear Indian clothing – I haven’t ever worn a sari and have only a single salwaar kameez. As I don’t have many Indian friends except those… Read more »

LUSH Carrot Soap – $6.95 Though its name has carrot, this smells nothing like carrot, but rather a mellow yet perky citrus based luxurious mix. The bunny inside is made of generous shea butter. In the past, I have had a  love-hate relationship with LUSH’s soap – love them for their gentleness and don’t love with for the lack of lather. This one, however, is so different; it lathers perfectly,  has a beautiful, complex fragrance and is super moisturizing. My… Read more »

Givenchy Rouge Interdit Satin Lipstick in Sensual Rose – $33 CAN An exceptionally smooth, long wearing lipstick – yes, I agree, it is exactly what it vouches to be. At this point in my beauty blogging career, I have come to a point where I sound like “a pink lipstick is a pink lipstick and what else can I say?” Well, I can say more! This is something I picked out by an accident and can I say serendipity?

Dior Diorskin Nude Tan Healthy Glow Enhancing Powder in 004 Sunset – $56 CAN Seriously, what’s with these mouthfuls of names? Is it the new trend among high end cosmetics to add in at least five more words in a name? I mean it is more a description than a name. And at this point, I must digress!  So here it is, me and my new favourite bronzer, which I took about two years to discover; for shame! I think… Read more »

I’m not the biggest fan of nude lips – there, I said it! On my skin tone, the ever alluring nude lip is just downright the most impossible thing to master. It also does not help my case that nude lipsticks are never quite tailored for skin-tones like mine. But that does not mean, however, that I give up and stop looking for options and I am more so obligated to check out if a lipstick is on sale in… Read more »

Clarins Multi-Blush Cream Compact (Candy & Rosewood) – $30 CAN Blush lovers are probably having the best (or worst season, depending if you take your wallet into consideration) so far, with so many new amazing launches to splurge on. Clarins’ new Multi-Blush Cream Compacts are definitely something to be taken into consideration, because truth be told, these are all sorts of sensational. These little vintage looking pots of blush are serious business, no kidding!  The colours (four of them),  are… Read more »