If you are a person of Indian origin, Indian living abroad or an Indophile, in general, you most likely miss shopping for “Indian” things (clothing, furnishing, you name it). Well, speaking for myself, I love shopping in India and whenever I go to visit, I end up with ridiculously heavy suitcases. I don’t normally wear Indian clothing – I haven’t ever worn a sari and have only a single salwaar kameez. As I don’t have many Indian friends except those in India, for social functions also, I get away with dresses, easily. But recently, I don’t know, something has changed; I’m falling in love with Indian clothes and how beautiful and intricate they are. And it doesn’t help that online retailers are making it easier for us folks to get easy access to all things Indian clothing. I mainly browse Indian Roots & Pernia’s Pop Up Shop!

So meanwhile, I fell in love with a certain brand of clothing called Nomad from Indian Roots and decided to take the plunge and well, shop away and this is exactly a review of my experience with Indian Roots. My experience, very honestly, was less than perfect and I understand that Indian Roots is a new venture and I hope this review truly comes across as constructive. I want to continue shopping with them, but I want this to be out there, as well.

Very excitedly, I placed an order with them for a skirt I fell in love with. Since I am Canadian, I eventually have to pay in well, Canadian dollars. Indian roots only lists price in US, so when it came to checkout, I was in for a rude shock. Also, no courtesy for free shipping and the shipping is also listed in US dollars – which btw, is kicking my Canadian dollar’s backside in every possible way. I think it would be nice if they’d list the price in local currency. Also prices are highly escalated from Indian prices, which is very unfair, in my opinion. I get it, its a business, but I’m sure your profits would be fine if you charge a more fair price. If anything, I’d be more likely to be a repeating customer, if I’d feel and know that I am getting a fair deal.  Another issue I have is with the website, which cannot seem to get my cart right; it was a complete nightmare to check out, needless to say. The “chat helpers” are really helpful though and try their best to sort out your issues.

And now the meatier part of my rant; they did not process my order for weeks! No, they did check out the money from my paypal account as I placed it, but I did not get a confirmation email until after I took the matter to the paypal dispute. I don’t know what was going on, honestly I felt like I was getting ripped off. But as soon as I took the matter to paypal, I got a confirmation email regarding my order within seconds. I mean, really? Ok, I got the confirmation email, but what exactly is going on with my order? No activity for weeks. Finally, I took the matter on to twitter and demanded an update as to when will I get my order. The social media rep again tried his/her best to help me out and gave me an accurate update of what was happening. He/she reassured me that my order will be on its way. Finally, after a month worth of wait, I got my order and I was so, so happy! But wait, there was a customs tax I had to pay. Gosh, this skirt turned out to be way too overpriced, was I better off sticking with Free People, instead? Anyhow, the skirt arrived and I was so happy. It is a beautiful skirt, though I am not sure whether it was worth the price or the ambiguity of the process. I don’t know Indian Roots, I am not very pleased with what happened. As a customer, I’d like to see these following changes happen:

  • Charge flat in Indian rupees, what you’d charge an Indian person in India. Your mark-ups are ridiculous and unfair. Moreover, we have to pay extra for shipping and customs. This makes your products rather unaffordable to us. I mean, I may as well ask a friend to buy it and ship it for me, right? So much cheaper.
  • Your website could use some improvement. It is a pain in the arse to check out and no, its not my browser/cookies, I shop online all the time and this problem is unique to you.
  • And yes, update the order status promptly. I don’t like being ignored, nobody does, especially if there is money involved. Also, give a delivery time as I pay for  my order, not when I take the matter to paypal dispute.

Please, don’t get me wrong, I love what I got in the end but the service was totally missing except for when I spoke to the reps, who were very helpful. I hope they up their service and are fair in terms of prices, then only I’d want to shop again with them.

Have you shopped with Indian Roots? How was your experience?

*picture courtesy of Indian Roots website.

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47 thoughts on “Retailer Review | Online shopping with Indian Roots

  1. nileshni

    I am sorry to bother you but I had purchased some items from Indianroots.com, order number 300002040, Cage Candle Tea Light Holder – 100000024628, on 22 Jan and received my items in April, after chasing it up several times via emails and phonecalls. There were three items missing, a total of approximately USD $168 which they promisedd to refund my money to my paypal account. Each time I have called them or sent an email, they have said, “we have escalated the matter and you will recieve the refund in 2-3 days”. I still have not receieved the refund and been told again, “allow 2-3 days”. It’s extremely sad because this is my first online home goods purchase with an Indian site and have experienced such loss. The company ahs lost a lot of business with me as I have made over $2000 AUD purchase, shopping online and will not be using Inidanroots again. But I don;t knwo what to do to get my refund back. This is the first step towards an action and I have informed indian roots for taking this action as I don’t believe they will be refunding my money and instead will do evrythign to delay the refund. It’s extremely dissapointing and will only damage the company’s reputation.

    I hope someone can help. Regards, Nileshni Karan


    1. Vijay

      To the commenter, take them on in Twitter, make a public post in FB ,, share all your correspondence with them

      To Shivani

      Thanks to your post, I am not shopping with these people, they make everything to order and guess who loses out!

      These operations need to have a escrow involved because they are just acting as middlemen , with money in the bank who cares how long it takes !


    2. Shivani Post author

      I called them out on Twitter, so I guess they hurried up the process. I recommend you do the same. It is really a shame how they literally took your money and ran away. I certainly won’t shop from them again.


    3. Paridhie

      I agree to you. I Received a torn saree. When I sent photo of the saree, they asked for the photograph of the box it was packed in, as If I have torn my own saree and just having fun with them. They are leaving it no stone unturned to harass me on return or replacement of product. They are polite and cooperative when they want to sell, but equally hostile and cold when it comes to admitting their fault or taking back a damaged product. I am flabbergasted with their behavior. DO NOT BUY FROM HERE is my sincere advice


  2. Carol Read

    I purchased four items “for the price of three”–a promotion put on by Indian Roots. My items were: a sling bag, a bracelet, earrings, and an embroidered cotton kurta. I intended to wear the ensemble as a Victoriental Vampire, at a costume party and then re-wear the items separately.. The total cost fell within my budget. (Be warned: shipping and custom duties do add up.) The items arrived within about two weeks. (I live in Canada.) The sling bag was well worth the money, something I’ll get a lot of use from. The earrings were huge and something I’d only wear as a part of a costume. The bracelet is very cute and well made for the money, another item I’ll get a lot of use from. But the kurta…oh my. I ordered a size larger than what I wear. It was at least two sizes smaller than my usual size. I couldn’t get it over my head! I used a seam ripper to cut between the embroidery and got the thing on…it’s way too tight. Worst of all, the shoulders are so narrow I can’t lift my arms. Rather than hassle with a return I think I’ll try some sewing surgery and just write off the kurta as a one-time costume.

    My suggestions for Indian Roots: If you want to sell your clothing to westerners, please understand that someone who takes a larger size may also be, like me, someone who is tall and has broad shoulders. At least, please exercise some quality control and ensure that the items sent out are genuinely the size ordered.


  3. Tanvi

    Please Do not order from these guys. I have ordered a lehenga for my enegagement a month back. Delays after Delays still dont have shipping date! They charged me in full ofcourse.


  4. doc_walia

    I had similar experince shopping online with indianroots.com. It took me about 2 hours to check out my order and no exaggeration here. The online customer service is kind a helpful, but there is only so much they can do. The prices are way too high and I have no clue when will I receive my shipment, just waiting till my patience is lost.


  5. Bee

    I would never ever use them again. Orders not received on time. Items ordered on 14 day delivery still not received 6 weeks later. Event I had bought them to wear to has come and gone. Items not in stock although showing in stock on the website. The like trying to get blood out of a stone when asking for my refunds.

    Nightmare company. Never again. Have also warned all family and friends.


  6. pooja batra

    PLEASE PLEASE DONT BUY THIS WEBSITE. i will be reporting about this website. I placed order on the 5th of may still not recieved my items its been two months and they are refusing to refund my money saying processing it. i dont know they need one year to process it or what. very very disappointed with there service. will fight for the refund even if i have to take them to the court


    1. Bee

      So my outfit arrived yesterday. Badly stitched. The dupatta has not even been cut straight it has been cut at an angle so when worn on the shoulder it looks awful. Never again. I paid near enough $400 for that. Very very disappointed.


      1. Shivani Post author

        oh gosh, i am very sorry. I did not think this blog post would open such a can of worms. Please share this post with everyone, so everyone comes to know of this “business”.


  7. Dipti Vaidya

    I’m going through the same pains too. I ordered 2 items and only recieved 1 item.
    They are giving me such a hard time for my refund. exactly like what you guys have described. I am surely going to post this on facebook and twitter if I dont hear from them in the next 24 hours


  8. jaws

    Indian roots is a well managed website with zero concern for its customers or delivery.Once you have made the payment your money is locked and other than mouthing platitudes of fake apologies they dont do anything to solve the problem. their business model seems to be to trap innocent customers into purchasing stuff by making payments and then to start praying that the product bought by them is delivered. most of us get conned into thinking that the website would be a safe one which delivers products purchased as it spares no effort in piggy backing on the popularity and the diminsihing credibilty of NDTV.IT is nothing but a very sophisticated and nicely packaged conjob. BUYER BEWARE

    the experience is a nightmare and its a site where one should not purchase even a matchstick


    1. ann

      They lure innocent people with fancy website and take your money. After you purchase, they will keep sending you fake apologies about delay. I wish I’ve seen these bad reviews before wasting lots of money. Very lousy customer service compared to other reputed online indian store . Don’t buy from Indian roots and save your hard earn money.


    2. Ananth Dalmia Pereira

      To the poster(s) & reader(s) on this Blog: opt for COD. It’s a lot safer. After all you, hard earned savings are being spent. Delivery can be a hurdle. There a solution.

      Ask a neighbour or friend’s house, where there will be someone 24/7 to complete a COD payment. Better still give the office address. There is a solution to every scenario.

      Life is a gamble. Shop & browse on e-commerce sites, with a pinch of salt.


  9. Somya Mathur

    They are really the absolute worst about customer service. They sent me a product and the color is nothing like what they show online. The guy admitted that to me and never offered a return or a refund. Shocking how people get into eCommerce with no ethic and a sub-standard, inconvenient level of customer-centricity. Horrid.


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  11. Meera

    After my first successful shopping attempt, my husband wanted to present me with a gift and happened to buy a $600 worth Jewelry for me and gave it to me. I wanted for a couple weeks and opened it up and you found a black piece of metal that had lost all its lustre. We looked at it together and were surprised to find that we had been completely taken for a ride.

    My husband has contacted customer support more than 10 times and he now remembers every customer support person by name. He bought the Golden and Borwn Embellished 23 carat Gold work Thewa Necklace set, on order number 300010578.

    The discoloration of the set is all around. Forget 23 carat gold, the pendant and the earrings do not look close to even copper. We have bought better items than this in local exhibitions. He paid $600 and on top of it a $75 customs duty. As I stated before, if the item is only going to retain shine during the return period, I think that is a bit serious and I have some very serious quality concerns for goods sold on your site.

    During the whole process (rather very painful), customer support representatives have agreed that the product mailed was completely faulty on your end. I asked for a complete refund since this was not a small amount. They refused to do that and agreed to replace the product for me and also informed me that they started the process of procuring the replacement for me. However they have been harassing me to bear all the shipping charges for no fault of mine. After some haggling they came up with an option to provide a store credit worth the shipping costs after I have provided you the receipt. But, we do not intend to spend any more money and he has repeatedly communicated to them that this was not an option. Instead I am asking for a UPS prepaid mail tag so I can mail it back to you, especially given UPS is a shipping partner of yours. We are open to using other mail providers as well if you were to offer another one.

    Looking back at my emails and all the conversation my husband has had with your team, it seems very cheap and not at all professional to cheat us in such a manner and also expect us to pay for return shipping of the faulty item. We were definitely expecting a much better support on this. I am mailing you regarding this in a hope that you will advise your team to offer a satisfactory solution at your end and retain customers like us at the earliest.


  12. Nishant

    They say express shipping are charge for it but there courier partner takes 8 days to deliver goods from Gurgoan to Faridabad. Order lagging 20 DAYS behind schedule .


  13. Maya

    I’m in the same situation as you. There are more than a month I have placed an order with Indianroots. When I needed help and advice for the selection of my outfits, sailors immediately answered me (via online chat).
    Since few weeks I harass Indianroots for they can tell me where is my order, no one answered. I find it innadmissible.
    Being in France, I was enjoyed when I saw an online store selling modern Indian outfits. But now I will think twice before placing orders online.


  14. Lovelly

    I lived in Canada and I have ordered three suits when they have a 80% discount on all the cloths .so when I got the parcel I was ready to pay the customs on the cloths and that’s fine but when I saw there invoice on the box what I have noticed was that they were not showing the discounted amount which u have paid to them after discount they were showing the original amount so the customs duty have charged me to much due to the high original amount
    So I contacted them but I didn’t received any satisfied answer from them


    1. Neetu

      I had the same problem. I ordered a shawl that was worth $920 for 80% off but they put the same amount on the parcel and I had to pay heavy duty. And guess what, the shawl isn’t even pashmina. they rip you off on sales. They advertise it to be something else and sell something else. I haven’t read a single good review about them. Why isn’t anyone taking action? THEY ARE RIPPING CUSTOMERS


  15. Cynthia Narayan

    I really wish I had come across this post before foolishly spending hundreds of dollars on items from indianroots. I ordered about 12 designer bags. The postage took forever, which is something I wasn’t too fussed about at first since I had placed an early order to get the items by xmas, as they were meant to be presents for the women in my family. When the items finally arrived 2 items were missing and 7 of the 10 were damaged. Damaged, seems to be an understatement here, it was like it had been through war, the thread work was coming out, the base of the bags weren’t glued together properly, the handles were missing, and one was really stained. The list goes on. After taking pictures of all the items and listing the damages clearly in an email to them I’m still chasing after my refund. I had initiated a chargeback through PayPal but indianroots very cunningly told me I had to withdraw the claim in order for them to process my refund, which I did. I have even threatened to take to social media but its like they really don’t care, I really hope word gets out so people are cautious of this website.
    Also some bags were missing labels from the designers which made me wonder about their authenticity.


    1. Maya

      We had many complaints about this shop.
      I think if several, and together we complain on social networks against Indianroots they will hear us and at least other people will not be ripped off.


  16. rj

    I ordered a couple hundred dollar worth stuff last night :( As everyone I tried to contact them multiple times through phone, email and chat etc to get answers for a few questions I had..but of course no one responded. Now I know why after reading these horrible reviews. I am shocked!! I sent them emails to cancel my order within 24 hours of placing it. Their return policy section clearly states that order can be cancelled with 24hrs. My credit card company is unable to do anything at this point as it shows as pending charge. I am really keeping my fingers crossed that they do not act as they are notorious to act in my case. I would absolutely to pay any custom duty on clothes that I bought at 65%off for my personal use. Does anyone have any experience here in USA, if they were charged custom for under $200 clothing?? If yes how much? Any insight would help. Thanks


  17. Feeling cheated

    I wish I had read this review. I ordered a bunch of stuff from them on Black Friday and received my order yesterday. I had ordered 2 silk saris and what I received is a far cry from kanjivaram silk. The are more like cotton saris. I feel cheated and when I contacted their customer care service my mail they refuse to even acknowledge that my complain is valid it looks like the rep just copied something off the website and pasted it. I was trying to call them all day but they do not answer and when I tried live chat the fellow said that I should send a photo of the product and they will determine if it is a silk sari which sounds just ridiculous. Still I did take a few pictures and sent it to them, I’m waiting for their reply. I feel cheated and now I have to spend hours trying to get a refund.


  18. MP

    I am currently having a very experience with them. More than 15 days post placing the order, these people send me partial order and ask me to pay for the full shipping charges as per original order. They do not even ask the customer if he/she is interested in taking a partial order in the first place. They do not even have the courtesy to call up and sort the matter. We have been communicating on mail for the past 7 days now. They reply after 12-14 hours. The good thing is that I have placed the order on cash on delivery. So they may be responding to my mail at least. But I feel that NDTV has lot to loose in this venture, if the same service level continues. They are listed company and cannot squander public money on such shady ventures.


  19. Shiv Ganesh

    ASHAMED OF YOU NDTV and Pranoy roy. A very bad venture.


  20. MP

    I want to draw everyone’s attention to this article –

    Updated: Only 9 fraud complaints against e-commerce firms in the last two years
    15 Dec 2014 by Nikhil Pahwa
    @nixxin ,+NikhilPahwa

    Update: The ministry of corporate affairs has said that the Competition Commission of India(CCI) is going to look into the anti-competitive conduct of online retailers. The retailers under scrutiny are Flipkart India, Amazon Seller Services, Vector e-commerce, Jasper Infotech and Xerion Retails. The government has also asked the serious fraud investigation office to file prosecution under the provisions of the Companies Act, 1956 and the Indian Penal Code against Goldquest International and its group company Questnet Enterprises and Abcindya Networks. The statement added that investigation reports with respect to Unipay2U group of companies and Speakasia Online are under examination. The department of consumer affairs is also considering inclusion of necessary safeguards for protection of rights of consumers of technology-based marketing e-commerce, telemarketing etc as part of the proposed amendment in the Consumer Protection Act, 1986. (Link here)

    The Ministry of Finance said in a written reply to the Lok Sabha on Friday that only 9 complaints regarding fraud committed by e-commerce companies have been received by the Indian government, and action has been taken in each case. A copy of the government statement is included below.

    Three observations, based on the Ministry’s statements:
    1. The e-commerce industry is hiding its problems very well: warranties not being honored, fake goods, non-delivery of products, delivery of bricks, wood and empty boxes. It’s there, but not reported.

    2. The complaints mechanism must be broken: 9 complaints is a remarkably low number, given the number of complaints we see online about fake goods or goods not delivered. Some examples: here, here and especially the fake Rolex case, here. The list appears to be related to police complaints only, and even then, this is a remarkably small number. Do most people give up, or do e-commerce companies deal with the issue before someone can file a complaint?

    3. Regulation is nigh, but not specifically for e-commerce: Just 9 complaints, and Minister of State for Finance, Jayant Sinha, appears to suggest that action can only be initiated when a case of fraud is registered by a Law Enforcement agency. Importantly, “the Government has also initiated steps for incorporating sufficient provisions for protection of consumers of online shopping/e-commerce under Consumer protection Act, 1986.” However, there is “no proposal for a separate regulatory framework for e-commerce under consideration.”

    Note that given the lack of liability enjoyed by online marketplaces, consumers can be left in a regulatory no-mans-land. We’d explained that situation here.

    Also read: our coverage of Consumer Protection issues related to E-Commerce.


    Ministry of Finance on: Frauds Committed by E-Commerce (source)

    Government have been receiving complaints regarding the frauds committed by e-commerce companies. The number of complaints registered and number of complaints on which action has been taken during the last two years, State-wise is as under:

    Presently there is no proposal for a separate regulatory framework for e-commerce under consideration. Directorate of Enforcement conducts investigations under Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999 (FEMA) and Prevention of Money Laundering Act, 2002 (PMLA). Such investigations are carried out as and when any credible information, including those relating to frauds committed by e-commerce companies, is received. Action under PMLA can be initiated in appropriate cases where a case of fraud by an e-commerce company is registered by some other Law Enforcement Agency. Keeping in view the increased number of online fraud/cheating cases, the Government has also initiated steps for incorporating sufficient provisions for protection of consumers of online shopping/e-commerce under Consumer protection Act, 1986.
    MP recently posted..IMPS Data: 70.49M Mobile Money IDs; Rs 5,415 Cr Transacted In November 2014My Profile


  21. Maya

    Further to my previous comments, I would like to share my experience.
    I placed an order in early October. I sent several emails to Indianroots to know the status of my order, but no response from them. Total silence. And following a threatening email, they have responded to my mail (7 weeks later). I got an apologetic email with the answers to my questions. They apologized for the delay because they had a lot of orders to be processed. (But, it’s not my problem, it’s for them to manage their difficulties).
    And “oh, miracle!” I was able to receive my order two months later.
    My clothing: a lehenga resembled the original pictures (with quality less). But alas, it reeked of paint. I had to wash my clothes four times to not feel the stench that gave headaches.
    Conclusion: The customer service is poor. Nevertheless, Indianroots has held speech and sent me my order. But instead of 10 days Amount Required, I had to wait 2 months. Fabric quality is decent but it smelled horrible. Do I spend again an order with them? Probably not.
    I hope my experience will help you and answer your questions


  22. Shawon

    I can’t explain the extent of the hassle I am going through with Indianroots. I placed an order on October 11th, and today is December 23rd. I have been following up with these guys for all these weeks/months, and every time they kept on lying to me. They have been giving me false updates for the past 2 and a half months, and at this point, I am sick and tired of following up. I did not know about the 45 day policy re: Paypal, so now I’m even out of luck with getting a refund for the item. I spent so much of my hard earned money for the item, which seems to be all lost now. I don’t even know if I’ll ever get the product.
    Please do anything but DO NOT order from this website.


  23. Smita

    Please DO NOT buy anything from this site. This is 100% FRAUD. I have made 2 orders from them and they are not helping me at all. Whenever I call them they say that I will receive my order within 5 – 7 days. It’s been 2 months that they are saying this. I should have known better when they said I can’t cancel my order after 24 hours. Now, they will not even answer me. so please do not spend you hard earn money on this site.


  24. Dee

    I ordered close to $1000 worth of sarees during their Christmas sale 2014. And when I received them, they were not new, def looked previously worn and refolded. Also several of the sarees had defects, Indianroots blocked me from posting anything on their FB page when I tried several times to get customer service to look into it. Their response was
    “We would like to assure you that the products delivered to you are not worn by anyone and the products are 100% new and genuine. Further, there are no stains that we could find on the products. The highlighted ones could be threads of cotton. ”

    Here are the pics: https://plus.google.com/photos/105273013738204830541/albums/6108806944599249105?authkey=CNeu2cyxub249QE

    I hope this will serve as a warning to fellow customers regarding the deceptive practices of Indianroots/NDTV.


  25. Ramya

    Worst customer service, they say 15 to 17 days, but even after 60 days they won’t start shipping, and after 60 to 70 days they say the item not available. they charge the card immediately. For the items those are not available its been 3 months i haven’t got the refund. Very Very disappointing. They won’t pick up the phone, by luck if you get the customer service representative, they won’t resolve the issue and they will ask you to send email to care@indianroots.com. Even if its their mistake they don’t even bother pleasing the customer.


  26. s.kamat

    I have been buying sarees online for myself and for gifts for many years now from big names to small weavers from remote places in India to even government shops like Apco and Mrignayani, at least 60 sarees if not more. And I have never had any trouble at all so far, people delivered what they promised. If they didnt they took full responsibility to correct the situation. Most of my purchases have been from weavers or small businesses directly interacting with weavers. Their honesty, professionalism and eagerness for a good word is nothing short of touching.

    This is my first time from Indian roots. I always found their products exclusive but expensive, just like Exotic India (who by the way are darlings, it was a pleasure doing business with them), so reluctant to buy until I fell in love with one of their sarees, a tie-dyed kora silk saree, and ordered it. Mind you, not on discount but full price.

    They said 14 business days initially, then they said saree came but was returned to the ‘brand’ since it was found defective by their QA department, so can I please wait for some more time. After another 3 weeks I finally receive my saree which measures just 4.5 metres ! I have bought over 60 sarees online vis internet, no one has cheated me like this, most of the sarees were 5.5 metres apart from blouse, a few 5.3 or 5.4. And Indian Roots say their sarees go through most stringent QA before despatch.

    With Indian roots belonging to NDTV I assumed a certain level of professionalism and accountability.

    The last time I received a wrong saree, the seller (a small business from a small Indian town) actually had the courier pick up the wrong saree from us at their full expense and sent the correct saree. I just read Indian roots Return policies, they say even if product is defective we have to return at our expense and we also have to pay to fix the defect !

    Mistakes happen. I am willing to wait to have the correct product delivered to me. If they settle this amicably by picking up their wrong product and sending in the correct one or issuing a full refund I will be happy enough.


  27. Puja

    Hi , I will like to share my great disappointment while dealing with IndianRoots . I reside in Canada is being charged a Bond fee from UPS shipping Indian Roots item from India for every package. My orders were broken into multiple small orders (7 in total, I am such a fool to have gone ahead and purchased a good quantity from them) and now with each order I am being charged $11.50 as a Bond Fee ( This is UPS internal fee to have the item released from customs and in NO way a Customs fee ) . I have been trying to explain to some highly non receptive customer care people online and all they have for me is that is a Customs charge .Completely oblivious to what I have to say , I present you the link of UPS – http://www.ups.com/content/ca/en/shipping/cost/zones/customs_clearance.html?srch_pos=1&srch_phr=bond+fees . This clearly gives a breakup of what a Bond Fee is and IT IS NOT CUSTOMS CHARGE . It is not my fault that the order is now broken into perhaps 10 smaller orders and that on each pack I will have to shell $10 to UPS as a gift . I asked the customer service people if they can put all the items in one pack , it is a simple request , but all they have to SAY SORRY and SORRY and SORRY .. My worst shopping experience , never again . I will be lodging a complaint to the Canadian Govt and to the Australian Govt ( as I am an Australian Citizen) so that both the countries flag Indianroots and better practices prevail and other members of the Indian community dont fall prey to unreasonable costs.


    1. Aminaz

      I too recently ordered online and am regretting my decision. I ordered multiple items and each is being shipped out separately. I had sent a request to the care team requesting that the order be shipped out together but they shipped one out on the 19th and the other on the 21st (2 days apart) and there is still an outfit pending.

      To top this off, the first item that came a few weeks back which was a made to order kurta was a whole 2.5 inches smaller at the shoulders! I sent them pictures and the original measurements indicating the discrepancies and they said it was that way cause they couldn’t change the style. I sew – so I know that the style/design doesn’t impact those sorts of measurements you should build on the measurements. Will NEVER shop with them again.

      Please let me know about whom the complaints can be made to here in Canada – I will also be paying an additional $40 to $50 in brokerage fees – and have clothes that don’t fit on top of that.


  28. Garima Garg

    Indianroots is such a scam that they are ignoring all my request to refund the money or ship the product that I want.

    They are such big loosers. I lost my $400 on this website


  29. sen

    Dont understand why Indian root is even trying to sell online when they cant even ship the product.

    I live in India and still waiting for my product to reach me, today is the 25th day since I ordered. In my first call for inquiry I was told that my product will reach me within 14 business days , the second call i was told that it has gone for quality check and today am told that i have to wait for 35 days….cant u believe that ?????? horrible horrible site to shop.


  30. Neetu

    Ok I have been reading these comments and I have had the same experience. I think each one of us should tweet about this and make a complaint to the Indian govt.The stuff they sell for 80% off is fake. I ordered a pashmina shawl that was originally $920 for 80% off and they sent a fake one. How could you cheat someone like that. I am going to call their Manager some time this week and will tell you know how helpful they are. Never ever order sale stuff-they will send you replicas.


  31. Anushka Jain

    I have placed an order to Indianroots.com and sent the measurement form many times.
    In spite of my follow up I have not received any confirmation form them and I don’t know what to do.
    Its very upsetting and annoying because shopping is meant to relaxing not stressful


  32. Nilanjan Nandi

    Bunch of liers . Had ordered a Anarkali Suit (Order # 300025850). Indiaroots immediately charged my credit card but did not ship the order as promised within 21 days .

    DO NOT BUY FROM THEM. No retailer is suppose to charge for an order till the order has shipped but this guys charge your card upfront without even bothering to ship your order,

    Repeated follow up

    Follow up on Feb 18th
    Greetings from Indianroots!

    Please accept our sincere apologies for the delay in dispatch of ‘Red Embroidered Georgette Anarkali Suit’ against your order number 300025850.

    As per the confirmation received from our internal team, we are expecting your Anarkali Suit from the brand by 24th February, 2015. We will dispatch it post a quality check.

    You will receive a confirmation email once your order is dispatched, with the details of the courier partner along with the tracking ID.

    Follow up on Mar 2

    Greetings from Indianroots!

    We apologize for the delay in dispatch of your Red Embroidered Georgette Anarkali Suit from order number 300025850.

    At times during the process of procuring the beautiful products for our customers, we face situations way beyond our control that lead to slight delay in deliveries. We are doing our best to get your product as soon as we can.

    Once the order has been dispatched, we will email you the Airway Bill Number (Tracking Number), along with the website link of the courier company.

    We regret this inconvenience and sincerely request you to consider the situation.

    Followed up on Mar 7th


    Greetings from Indianroots!

    We apologize for the inconvenience that you have experienced on Indianroots.

    Your order is expected to be shipped by March 16, 2015 from our end. Once the order has been dispatched, we will email you the Airway Bill Number (Tracking Number), along with the website link of the courier company.

    Your support and patience are highly appreciated in this regard.

    For any further assistance you may either call us on +1-855-436-0743 or email us at care@indianroots.com.

    Followed up on Mar 24

    Greetings from Indianroots!

    We sincerely regret for the delay in the dispatch of your Red Embroidered Georgette Anarkali Suit.

    As per the confirmation received from our concerned team, your Red Embroidered Georgette Anarkali Suit is expected to be with us maximum by 2nd Apr’15. Please be assured we are trying our utmost efforts to procure and dispatch the product at the earliest.

    Once we receive the product from our brand, post quality check, your order will be dispatched and a confirmation email will be sent to you with tracking details and courier partner website link to track your shipment.

    Your patience is highly appreciated.

    For any further assistance you may either call us on +91-124-456-1850 or email us at care@indianroots.com

    Followed up on Apr 5
    Greetings from Indianroots!

    We are sorry for the delay in dispatch of your Red Embroidered Georgette Anarkali Suit.

    We understand we have delayed your beautiful products for long now, however, we would like to assure you, we are trying our best to procure the products on priority for you.

    We request you to give us an opportunity to serve you again. Our endeavor would be to ensure that this does not happen in future.

    For any further assistance you may either call us on +1-855-436-0743 or email us at care@indianroots.com.


  33. moumitha kartha


    another fooled customer here. i placed and order on jan 28, 2015. order nmber is 100066038.
    when i placed the order the delivery time given to me was 15 days. after about a month the delivery time was extended to 45 days on the product page. it was a product from the brand loomiere. a red saree. very beautiful one. bought on offer.
    i spoke to the customer service people at least 20 times and they would keep on asking me to wait for another 3-4 to 4-5 working days for it to be shipped. i, like a fool kept on waiting and it happened so till the end of march.
    i asked them to cancel the product and initiate refund and they were so very reluctant to do that. they said that it is too late to cancel the order since the product is almost on its way (when they had absolutely no idea when it was gonna reach them from the supplier).
    i screaed at them on facebook, twitter and all, and they blocked me on fb and deleted my comments.
    i had to create a lot of issues to finally get them to cancel the order and to get them initiate refund.
    now finally they did cancel it and initiated the refund, but ccavenue, through which the transaction happened, would not release the funds. they said that the refund was initiated on 30-3-15, but it has not come to my account yet. they have no tracking details about it, ccavenue has no answers to it. i think they ATE the money. i am still waiting for the money to be credited to my account.
    it’s may 19,2015 today , exactly 4 months since i placed the order and still i have not money (my hard earned money) and no saree (of course i dont want anything from indianroots anymore). i had also ordered other products, which were beautiful
    . so i remved the tags,, used it for a day or 2 and threw away the blls, since thy were alright. on the 3rd day, i see they easily broke, the quality was very poor with just a day’s use.
    believe me, indianroots is totally a fraud e commerce site.
    never ever ever buy anything from them.


  34. Mansha

    Well well well.. seems the number of disgruntled customers keeps growing.. shopping at INDIANROOTS webstore has been my most pathetic online shopping experience so far.

    Yes they are unfairly and highly priced,not just in Dollars but in the Indian Currency too..I purchased two handloom sarees online the other day with this nagging thought in my mind that the sarees were priced on the higher side.I didn’t think much of it considering I am one of those who eagerly supports the handicraft and hand-loom industry of India. To my surprise I was right about the pricing , I came across another reputed handloom online retail website which is selling the same saree at half the price.
    I spoke to someone from their chat support and he told me am not allowed to cancel my order post 24 hours, more over they replied to my mail saying they has already started weaving my sarees.

    I resigned myself, after-all i chose to purchase from them( without doing a background check)and their cancellation policy was clearly mentioned,but none the less I feet completely cheated as this is what they call “highway robbery”.

    N then again I get another mail the next day saying that due to the unavailability of the said product, they have been forced to cancel my order!!!!

    They definitely need to sort out their lies and excuses- And after reading all the previous reviews..am apprehensive about my refund!!

    I am going to make sure no one know ever shops from them again!


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