If you are a person of Indian origin, Indian living abroad or an Indophile, in general, you most likely miss shopping for “Indian” things (clothing, furnishing, you name it). Well, speaking for myself, I love shopping in India and whenever I go to visit, I end up with ridiculously heavy suitcases. I don’t normally wear Indian clothing – I haven’t ever worn a sari and have only a single salwaar kameez. As I don’t have many Indian friends except those in India, for social functions also, I get away with dresses, easily. But recently, I don’t know, something has changed; I’m falling in love with Indian clothes and how beautiful and intricate they are. And it doesn’t help that online retailers are making it easier for us folks to get easy access to all things Indian clothing. I mainly browse Indian Roots & Pernia’s Pop Up Shop!

So meanwhile, I fell in love with a certain brand of clothing called Nomad from Indian Roots and decided to take the plunge and well, shop away and this is exactly a review of my experience with Indian Roots. My experience, very honestly, was less than perfect and I understand that Indian Roots is a new venture and I hope this review truly comes across as constructive. I want to continue shopping with them, but I want this to be out there, as well.

Very excitedly, I placed an order with them for a skirt I fell in love with. Since I am Canadian, I eventually have to pay in well, Canadian dollars. Indian roots only lists price in US, so when it came to checkout, I was in for a rude shock. Also, no courtesy for free shipping and the shipping is also listed in US dollars – which btw, is kicking my Canadian dollar’s backside in every possible way. I think it would be nice if they’d list the price in local currency. Also prices are highly escalated from Indian prices, which is very unfair, in my opinion. I get it, its a business, but I’m sure your profits would be fine if you charge a more fair price. If anything, I’d be more likely to be a repeating customer, if I’d feel and know that I am getting a fair deal.  Another issue I have is with the website, which cannot seem to get my cart right; it was a complete nightmare to check out, needless to say. The “chat helpers” are really helpful though and try their best to sort out your issues.

And now the meatier part of my rant; they did not process my order for weeks! No, they did check out the money from my paypal account as I placed it, but I did not get a confirmation email until after I took the matter to the paypal dispute. I don’t know what was going on, honestly I felt like I was getting ripped off. But as soon as I took the matter to paypal, I got a confirmation email regarding my order within seconds. I mean, really? Ok, I got the confirmation email, but what exactly is going on with my order? No activity for weeks. Finally, I took the matter on to twitter and demanded an update as to when will I get my order. The social media rep again tried his/her best to help me out and gave me an accurate update of what was happening. He/she reassured me that my order will be on its way. Finally, after a month worth of wait, I got my order and I was so, so happy! But wait, there was a customs tax I had to pay. Gosh, this skirt turned out to be way too overpriced, was I better off sticking with Free People, instead? Anyhow, the skirt arrived and I was so happy. It is a beautiful skirt, though I am not sure whether it was worth the price or the ambiguity of the process. I don’t know Indian Roots, I am not very pleased with what happened. As a customer, I’d like to see these following changes happen:

  • Charge flat in Indian rupees, what you’d charge an Indian person in India. Your mark-ups are ridiculous and unfair. Moreover, we have to pay extra for shipping and customs. This makes your products rather unaffordable to us. I mean, I may as well ask a friend to buy it and ship it for me, right? So much cheaper.
  • Your website could use some improvement. It is a pain in the arse to check out and no, its not my browser/cookies, I shop online all the time and this problem is unique to you.
  • And yes, update the order status promptly. I don’t like being ignored, nobody does, especially if there is money involved. Also, give a delivery time as I pay for  my order, not when I take the matter to paypal dispute.

Please, don’t get me wrong, I love what I got in the end but the service was totally missing except for when I spoke to the reps, who were very helpful. I hope they up their service and are fair in terms of prices, then only I’d want to shop again with them.

Have you shopped with Indian Roots? How was your experience?

*picture courtesy of Indian Roots website.

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22 thoughts on “Retailer Review | Online shopping with Indian Roots

  1. nileshni

    I am sorry to bother you but I had purchased some items from Indianroots.com, order number 300002040, Cage Candle Tea Light Holder – 100000024628, on 22 Jan and received my items in April, after chasing it up several times via emails and phonecalls. There were three items missing, a total of approximately USD $168 which they promisedd to refund my money to my paypal account. Each time I have called them or sent an email, they have said, “we have escalated the matter and you will recieve the refund in 2-3 days”. I still have not receieved the refund and been told again, “allow 2-3 days”. It’s extremely sad because this is my first online home goods purchase with an Indian site and have experienced such loss. The company ahs lost a lot of business with me as I have made over $2000 AUD purchase, shopping online and will not be using Inidanroots again. But I don;t knwo what to do to get my refund back. This is the first step towards an action and I have informed indian roots for taking this action as I don’t believe they will be refunding my money and instead will do evrythign to delay the refund. It’s extremely dissapointing and will only damage the company’s reputation.

    I hope someone can help. Regards, Nileshni Karan


    1. Vijay

      To the commenter, take them on in Twitter, make a public post in FB ,, share all your correspondence with them

      To Shivani

      Thanks to your post, I am not shopping with these people, they make everything to order and guess who loses out!

      These operations need to have a escrow involved because they are just acting as middlemen , with money in the bank who cares how long it takes !


    2. Shivani Post author

      I called them out on Twitter, so I guess they hurried up the process. I recommend you do the same. It is really a shame how they literally took your money and ran away. I certainly won’t shop from them again.


    3. Paridhie

      I agree to you. I Received a torn saree. When I sent photo of the saree, they asked for the photograph of the box it was packed in, as If I have torn my own saree and just having fun with them. They are leaving it no stone unturned to harass me on return or replacement of product. They are polite and cooperative when they want to sell, but equally hostile and cold when it comes to admitting their fault or taking back a damaged product. I am flabbergasted with their behavior. DO NOT BUY FROM HERE is my sincere advice


  2. Carol Read

    I purchased four items “for the price of three”–a promotion put on by Indian Roots. My items were: a sling bag, a bracelet, earrings, and an embroidered cotton kurta. I intended to wear the ensemble as a Victoriental Vampire, at a costume party and then re-wear the items separately.. The total cost fell within my budget. (Be warned: shipping and custom duties do add up.) The items arrived within about two weeks. (I live in Canada.) The sling bag was well worth the money, something I’ll get a lot of use from. The earrings were huge and something I’d only wear as a part of a costume. The bracelet is very cute and well made for the money, another item I’ll get a lot of use from. But the kurta…oh my. I ordered a size larger than what I wear. It was at least two sizes smaller than my usual size. I couldn’t get it over my head! I used a seam ripper to cut between the embroidery and got the thing on…it’s way too tight. Worst of all, the shoulders are so narrow I can’t lift my arms. Rather than hassle with a return I think I’ll try some sewing surgery and just write off the kurta as a one-time costume.

    My suggestions for Indian Roots: If you want to sell your clothing to westerners, please understand that someone who takes a larger size may also be, like me, someone who is tall and has broad shoulders. At least, please exercise some quality control and ensure that the items sent out are genuinely the size ordered.


  3. Tanvi

    Please Do not order from these guys. I have ordered a lehenga for my enegagement a month back. Delays after Delays still dont have shipping date! They charged me in full ofcourse.


  4. doc_walia

    I had similar experince shopping online with indianroots.com. It took me about 2 hours to check out my order and no exaggeration here. The online customer service is kind a helpful, but there is only so much they can do. The prices are way too high and I have no clue when will I receive my shipment, just waiting till my patience is lost.


  5. Bee

    I would never ever use them again. Orders not received on time. Items ordered on 14 day delivery still not received 6 weeks later. Event I had bought them to wear to has come and gone. Items not in stock although showing in stock on the website. The like trying to get blood out of a stone when asking for my refunds.

    Nightmare company. Never again. Have also warned all family and friends.


  6. pooja batra

    PLEASE PLEASE DONT BUY THIS WEBSITE. i will be reporting about this website. I placed order on the 5th of may still not recieved my items its been two months and they are refusing to refund my money saying processing it. i dont know they need one year to process it or what. very very disappointed with there service. will fight for the refund even if i have to take them to the court


    1. Bee

      So my outfit arrived yesterday. Badly stitched. The dupatta has not even been cut straight it has been cut at an angle so when worn on the shoulder it looks awful. Never again. I paid near enough $400 for that. Very very disappointed.


      1. Shivani Post author

        oh gosh, i am very sorry. I did not think this blog post would open such a can of worms. Please share this post with everyone, so everyone comes to know of this “business”.


  7. Dipti Vaidya

    I’m going through the same pains too. I ordered 2 items and only recieved 1 item.
    They are giving me such a hard time for my refund. exactly like what you guys have described. I am surely going to post this on facebook and twitter if I dont hear from them in the next 24 hours


  8. jaws

    Indian roots is a well managed website with zero concern for its customers or delivery.Once you have made the payment your money is locked and other than mouthing platitudes of fake apologies they dont do anything to solve the problem. their business model seems to be to trap innocent customers into purchasing stuff by making payments and then to start praying that the product bought by them is delivered. most of us get conned into thinking that the website would be a safe one which delivers products purchased as it spares no effort in piggy backing on the popularity and the diminsihing credibilty of NDTV.IT is nothing but a very sophisticated and nicely packaged conjob. BUYER BEWARE

    the experience is a nightmare and its a site where one should not purchase even a matchstick


    1. ann

      They lure innocent people with fancy website and take your money. After you purchase, they will keep sending you fake apologies about delay. I wish I’ve seen these bad reviews before wasting lots of money. Very lousy customer service compared to other reputed online indian store . Don’t buy from Indian roots and save your hard earn money.


    2. Ananth Dalmia Pereira

      To the poster(s) & reader(s) on this Blog: opt for COD. It’s a lot safer. After all you, hard earned savings are being spent. Delivery can be a hurdle. There a solution.

      Ask a neighbour or friend’s house, where there will be someone 24/7 to complete a COD payment. Better still give the office address. There is a solution to every scenario.

      Life is a gamble. Shop & browse on e-commerce sites, with a pinch of salt.


  9. Somya Mathur

    They are really the absolute worst about customer service. They sent me a product and the color is nothing like what they show online. The guy admitted that to me and never offered a return or a refund. Shocking how people get into eCommerce with no ethic and a sub-standard, inconvenient level of customer-centricity. Horrid.


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  11. Meera

    After my first successful shopping attempt, my husband wanted to present me with a gift and happened to buy a $600 worth Jewelry for me and gave it to me. I wanted for a couple weeks and opened it up and you found a black piece of metal that had lost all its lustre. We looked at it together and were surprised to find that we had been completely taken for a ride.

    My husband has contacted customer support more than 10 times and he now remembers every customer support person by name. He bought the Golden and Borwn Embellished 23 carat Gold work Thewa Necklace set, on order number 300010578.

    The discoloration of the set is all around. Forget 23 carat gold, the pendant and the earrings do not look close to even copper. We have bought better items than this in local exhibitions. He paid $600 and on top of it a $75 customs duty. As I stated before, if the item is only going to retain shine during the return period, I think that is a bit serious and I have some very serious quality concerns for goods sold on your site.

    During the whole process (rather very painful), customer support representatives have agreed that the product mailed was completely faulty on your end. I asked for a complete refund since this was not a small amount. They refused to do that and agreed to replace the product for me and also informed me that they started the process of procuring the replacement for me. However they have been harassing me to bear all the shipping charges for no fault of mine. After some haggling they came up with an option to provide a store credit worth the shipping costs after I have provided you the receipt. But, we do not intend to spend any more money and he has repeatedly communicated to them that this was not an option. Instead I am asking for a UPS prepaid mail tag so I can mail it back to you, especially given UPS is a shipping partner of yours. We are open to using other mail providers as well if you were to offer another one.

    Looking back at my emails and all the conversation my husband has had with your team, it seems very cheap and not at all professional to cheat us in such a manner and also expect us to pay for return shipping of the faulty item. We were definitely expecting a much better support on this. I am mailing you regarding this in a hope that you will advise your team to offer a satisfactory solution at your end and retain customers like us at the earliest.


  12. Nishant

    They say express shipping are charge for it but there courier partner takes 8 days to deliver goods from Gurgoan to Faridabad. Order lagging 20 DAYS behind schedule .


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