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LUSH Carrot Soap

LUSH Carrot Soap – $6.95

Though its name has carrot, this smells nothing like carrot, but rather a mellow yet perky citrus based luxurious mix. The bunny inside is made of generous shea butter. In the past, I have had a  love-hate relationship with LUSH’s soap – love them for their gentleness and don’t love with for the lack of lather. This one, however, is so different; it lathers perfectly,  has a beautiful, complex fragrance and is super moisturizing. My must have out of the Easter goodies.

(+) refreshingly sweet fragrance, moisturizing, lathers well.

(-) Limited edition – why, LUSH? Oh, Easter special, that’s why!

Golden Egg Bath Bomb Melt

Golden Egg Bath Bomb Melt – $8.95

I’m a huge bath bomb addict and this is by far the most unique and the most luxurious bath bomb I have yet tried from LUSH and you probably know where this review is headed (hint: rave). Foiled in golden glitter, which is rather faint and does not stick to your skin, this honey scented bath bomb is sure to  turn any bath into a love affair. The fragrance is sunnily sweet and surely warms up your mood. Another must have, in my books – sad that it won’t be here year around.

(+) lovely warm scent, unique “packaging” or rather presence.

(-) LE

Fluffy Egg Bath Bomb

Fluffy Egg Bath Bomb – $5.95

One of the simpler pleasures out of the line; sweet and inoffensive is how I’d describe it. The scent is overbearingly sweet and the bomb fizzes into pink coloured water. No surprises with this one, it is simple candy flavoured scent proves to vanilla for me. I think this will appeal to kids, or those with a sweet tooth nose.

(+) Inoffensive, sweet.

(-) Too simple.

Brightside Bubblebar

Brightside Bubblebar – $10.95

Generous bubbles, citrusy scent and need I say more? If you love your bubble baths, you’d definitely get a kick out of this one. The bath feels really energizing and fresh. Love the orange water and generous bubbles. You could possibly get a couple of uses with this one, definitely worth a look.

(+) Lovely energizing scent, generous bubbles, moisturizing.

(-) Not much.

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