Guerlain Khȏl Me Kajal

Guerlain Khȏl Me Kajal – $42 CAN

I absolutely love Guerlain’s approach to the more “exotic” cosmetics – they do these so, so well. At first, I was a fangirl of Guerlain Terracotta Loose Powder Kohl Liner and now I have another favourite to add to my list. Super pigmented, creamy, easily gliding with über cool packaging.

Guerlain Khȏl Me Kajal

It is mostly a medium black with slightly grey tones to it, so obviously, it is not the darkest black you’ll see. It  has a matte/satin finish to it that applies rather creamy. The application is very smooth, glides on effortlessly. The packaging is perfect for lining the waterline. The only vice in this pencil is short wear time. To be fair, my eyes are a difficult business for any liner, but this one didn’t stand much chance. It fares better on the waterline surprisingly rather than on the outer rims of the eyes. But more or less, I get about 4 hours of wear time all together. What has my heart, however, is the gorgeous packaging – I am simply smitten!

Guerlain Khȏl Me Kajal

So while it is indeed a great product, it  didn’t manage to upstage my all time favourite MAC Smolder Kohl for which I always have a backup ready. It is a nice eyeliner and I didn’t mind the slightly ridiculous price tag (but hey, it’s Guerlain).  If only it was slightly longer lasting, then I’d have no issues professing my love for it on the rooftops. I still adore it very much.

Guerlain Khȏl Me Kajal Swatch - opaque & smudged

Guerlain Khȏl Me Kajal Swatch – opaque & smudged

(+) Gorgeous packaging, pigmented, creamy.

(-) Average wear.

Wearing Guerlain Khȏl Me Kajal

Wearing Guerlain Khȏl Me Kajal

The skinny: If you don’t mind the average wear despite the hefty price tag, go for it. Everything else is perfection.

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