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Unison Face Mask

Ever get home from work so tired that all you can think of is wine? We have all been there, but luckily there is an indulgence which doesn’t come in the form of excess calories. Meet Unison Eye Renewal Mask ($4.99 for two mask sets) my recent comforting addiction. The mask has a gel like structure and is soaked in the most deliciously floral fluid full of hyaluronic acid, collagen and y-pga. So, you just kick back and put the mask for 20-30 minutes and relax. It is almost a mini trip to the spa. The skin around my eyes feels rejuvenated and treated well. To be honest, I haven’t tried the rest of the masks, but the eye masks especially spoke to me, so I had to try ’em. Moreover, these are really, really affordable and a new Canadian brand (represent)! And though this won’t replace your eye cream, it should be a welcome addition to your skin care, especially if it could use some TLC!

unison eye masks

Samples sent by PR for consideration and editorial inclusion.
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5 thoughts on “Unison Eye Renewal Mask | An easy, affordable treat for your eyes.

  1. Gejag

    It sounds wonderful. I checked the website and the masks are a lot more expensive than 2/4.99. Its disappointing they inflate the prices for potential customers not near the drugstore chain that carries them. What a turnoff.


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