Glowing Rose Mask

I love making skin treats at home. As much as I love LUSH’s Fresh Face Masks or the high end skin treatments at Sephora, I honestly believe that the best face masks are made in the kitchen. Not only is the cost is next to nothing, it takes much less effort than making a trip to the mall. I had the itch to do indulge in something unabashedly floral and what would be better than rose? While rose moisturizes and helps maintain the skin’s pH level,  turmeric has antiseptic and radiance boasting properties, gram flour is used to gently exfoliate, lemon juice is used to perk up the complexion and honey is to moisturize. I use this mostly as a face mask, but it can also be used as a body polish, as you please. Want a step by step? Well, the point is just to mix everything together, but for the visual people out there…

  • Take two big spoons of gram flour

DIY: Glowing Rose Mask

  • Add 1/2 spoon of turmeric

DIY Glowing Rose Mask

  • Add rose water – add however much to achieve the consistency you need.

DIY Glowing Rose Mask

  • Add a good squeeze or two of a lemon.

DIY Glowing Rose Mask

  • Finish off by adding a dollop of honey and mixing in rose petals. I used dried rose petals I found at an ethnic grocery store, you could also use fresh rose petals (Hey, V-day is around the corner, if you receive roses, you know what to do with them, now!)

DIY Glowing Rose Mask

I loved this little experiment; my skin was left super soft and glowing. If you love DIY masks, definitely give this one a go!

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