Clinique All About Shadow 8-Pan Palette ($40 CAN) is another neutral palette begging for commanding your attention. Yes, we are all swamped with neutral palettes left, right and centre and something tells me that this trend is here to stay – maybe forever and no, the neutral lover in me is not complaining even a bit. Clinique’s newest limited edition offering is a neutral palette made up of eight, mostly neutral-cool eyeshadows.

clinique AAS

My initial experience with the palette left me rather dismal; the eyeshadows did not seem impactful, seemed powdery and the pigmentation left me wishing for more. However, with continued use, the quality improved significantly in terms of pigmentation. The texture is soft and the eyeshadows blend effortlessly. With a primer, the eyeshadows give me a good wear, too!  The only problem child in the bunch is the lightest white eyeshadow, the texture remained powdery and for dark/warm skin tones, this eyeshadow will get no (flattering) use – it remains best for pale complexions. Which brings me to the fact that this palette would be best suited to light or cool complexions. I am medium dark with olive undertones and  though I can easily wear most of the colours, but these are not my ideal colours by any means. And though I like this palette, if I were paler or had cooler undertones, I’d love it. Also, the eyeshadows are very soft and the “Clinique” aesthetic of subtlety is overbearingly present. It is a palette you’d pick out without second thoughts on a Monday morning you are running a little late on because let’s face it, there isn’t much room to go wrong with, here! The packaging is actually quite compact and sleek, I especially love the mirror inside it – makes this palette a perfect travel companion.

Clinique ASSpalette


Overall, I feel this is a great palette for light and cool skin tones and those who love the Clinique aesthetic of subtlety. Darker skin tones will find it harder to utilize all of the eyeshadows, but the palette can still be enjoyed by us. The quality of eyeshadows ranges from good to very good and there are no duds except for the super white highlight shade, which is super powdery.

This post contains sample products sent by PR/Company for editorial consideration.
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