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Long time no review, so I felt obliged to write about something before I take my last week off from the blog. I’m sitting amidst a crazy snow storm, here and after I come back home, the only thing I can think of is to snuggle up with my dog in a blanket. It’s crazy cold, the roads are a mess, driving is a nightmare and yes, I can confirm that winter is indeed here. I don’t know if you notice, but in my reviews (and otherwise, too) I always end up talking about the weather; hey, its warm; hey, it’s crazy cold and I am freezing my bum. Mostly the latter. Such a Canadian thing to do. Oh well, weather aside, I’m all about the Clinique All About Shadow Primer for Eyes these days. I mean, another great eyeshadow primer, who can refuse? AMIRITE? You bet I am!

all about shadow primer

When it comes to elongating eyeshadow wear, I feel this one does the job dandy fine. I mean, truth be told, I am indifferent between this & the NARS one, so that’s that. The texture is somewhat slippery at first, but that just mean it is easy peasy to spread around the eyes – no stretching, working too hard, you know what I mean? It comes in 4 shades in total and though I’m not moderately fair by any means, this blends into my skin rather fine. At the end of the day, it picks up the colour from the eyeshadow, much like Too Faced Shadow Insurance, which is similar in colouring. One thing which it could improve on, however, is the quantity of product in it, which is not very much. But overall, Clinique All About Shadow Primer for Eyes is kind of wonderful and another primer which works is more than welcome in this world!

Sample sent by PR for consideration and editorial inclusion.
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3 thoughts on “Clinique All About Shadow Primer For Eyes: Primer superstar or not?

  1. Emily Kristina

    This is a very nice primer, but the amount in the tube is minimal considering the price. Not sure I will repurchase for this reason.


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