ArteStile Collection Tweezers & Nail Scissors

Tired of Tweezerman monopolizing the quality tweezer market? Well, seems like another player is here to change that! Enter ArteStile, Italian made tweezers, manicure goodies, eyelash curler and the likes! I have Tweezerman tweezers and I previously swore by them, but I must admit that ArteStile is very, very comparable – almost identical in terms of quality. I’m comparing these to Tweezerman, namely because previously that was my gold standard for tweezers and was literally the only brand in the market which produced amazing quality tweezers which were widely available. The tweezers are sturdy and pluck with great precision and the cute design is well, quite appealing. Same goes for the Nail Scissors – quite sharp and I hate to sound redundant, but it also does the job with precision. Overall, I’d say, if you are in the market for new tweezers, these are definitely worth a look. At $25 CAN, these are not cheap, but quite worth the price.

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ArteStile Collection Tweezers & Nail Scissors

ArteStile Collection Tweezers & Nail Scissors

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2 thoughts on “ArteStile Collection Tweezers & Nail Scissors – Hugs & Kisses

  1. Fay. H.

    Tweezers are actually one of those items I don’t mind getting cheaper ones for. Personally I don’t require much from mine other than a good grip, (I have about 6 pairs now eek!). I have the cherry blossom ones from Revlon because they were just too cute!


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