Summer is over, but The Body Shop still thinks we should not let it go and I can’t agree more. The latest and the greatest is the Vineyard Peach collection, which boasts of sheer peachy freshness in the forms of a body butter ($19), body scrub ($19), shower gel ($8)& body lotion ($12).

A peachy porridge, is what I call the scrub. It is creamy, grainy and peachy and I am suddenly running out of adjectives. It is a semi-moisturizing body scrub, which in my world means that its the kind of scrub which doesn’t dry you out. The grains are sort of coarse, but not in any means, harsh. They are not, however, the wimpy “scrub” kind – they are here to do their job, that’s all. The peach scent lingers, but its very subtle in this form. It just provides a very peachy shower experience, then lingers on the skin and disappears after a while. I like it, but it’s still not my favorite scrub ever. That honour belongs to either Lush Buffy or TBS Chocomania scrub (which is permanent, hooray!). Overall this makes for a pleasant and peachy shower experience. (Rating: B+/A-)

Unlike the scrub, the lotion will literally make you smell like a peach. Like a fresh, ripe, baby peach. I love this lotion; it is thin, moisturizing and smells peachy. Unless you hate peaches with a passion (get out of here!), you will love this lotion. (Overall rating: A)

Overall thoughts: Peach fiends will love this collection.

This post contains sample products sent by PR/Company for editorial consideration.

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