MAC Vegas Volt is described as a full power coral, but to me, it leans more on the side of a cantaloupe shade, more or less a creamy orange. It is an amplified finish, which offers   full, pigmented, creamy coverage. It is one of the best lipstick finishes from MAC, in my opinion.

You know, I really, really wanted to love this lipstick with all my heart. I’m full on with the orange lipstick trend and I adore it to the ends of the earth. But unfortunately, something was amiss with this one and it had more to do with the uneven application than anything else. The colour is gorgeous and looks so cheerful against my skin-tone, especially for the summer. But unfortunately it does not apply evenly, especially against my pigmented lips. Even colour in one swipe? No, that’s not what it provides. This problem is minimized if applied with a complementing lip liner. The lipstick is indeed creamy and pigmented, but the application translates to be a tad gritty.  This is especially disappointing because even drug-store lipsticks are upping their game and why would you want to pay that much more for a MAC lipstick when it leaves you wishing for more? Well, that’s for you to ponder over. The wear time is acceptable; it gives me 3 to 4 hours before disappearing. Feels creamy, comfortable on my lips, too!

The decree // I certainly do not think it is a bad lipstick, but it is not a great lipstick. I love the colour, but the formula leaves a bit more to desire. That’s that, but the colour is gorgeous and so perfectly bang on with the orange trend.

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