Urban Decay is really milking the Naked term for all its worth and we continue to keep falling for it. The last time I got Naked was in the form of an eyeshadow palette and this time, it’s in the form of a foundation. I can’t decide which time of me getting Naked was better, but since I am such a complexion girl, I’ll choose the foundation over the eyeshadow palette.

The first time I tried this foundation, I did not love it. I thought it was nothing special and that it had been done before. Boy, was I totally wrong! When I first started to use it, I thought to myself, sure it looks natural but meh, I have had better in the past. The more I started to use it, the more my opinion on it took a shift for the better. Previously, I was given a deluxe sample by the Sephora lady to help me decide better on my shade. After a couple of uses, I loved it so much that I ended up getting a full sized version.

The consistency is rather thin, almost resembling the face and body foundations from other brands. The coverage is what makes it a winner for me – it shows up as my skin but better. It doesn’t look like I’m wearing any cover-up; just my skin. But like any good foundation would, it covers up any imperfections in my skin and leaves a demi-matte, natural finish glow. My shade is #7, which is just bang on with my NC 40 skin-tone. Although, on second thoughts, not quite; I wish it was a touch more yellow to suit my skin-tone exactly, but I don’t mind it to be honest, because it just neutralizes my skin and it’s easier to wear cooler blushers (blushers > blushes, ok??). I’m also impressed by its longevity throughout the day – it easily lasts an entire day on me. I mean its not perfect by the night, but the coverage is more than acceptable towards the end of the day. The cherry on cake, although, Urban Decay does not advertise it as a face & body foundation, it works so well on body skin.

The yay’s:

  • Doesn’t look like you are wearing foundation – looks and feels very much like your skin.
  • Works just as fabulously on body skin!
  • Blends like a dream!
  • 18 shades to choose from!
  • Lasts amazingly throughout the day.
  • Lovely demi-matte finish – luminous, but not overly.
  • Made without parabens, oil & fragrance.
  • The coverage, though sheer, is easily buildable.

 The nay’s:

  • Shade selection is mostly biased towards lighter skin-tones. Not that it is a bad thing, I know a lot of pale ladies struggle with finding a pale enough foundation, so it’s great for them. But as shades progress, the selection lessens. I wish it was equally diverse. So though there are 18 shades to choose from, you may or may not find your perfect shade.
  • Canadians get ripped off $7 extra. This foundation is $38 in US & $45 in Canada. Seriously, Urban Decay, why do you hate us? Now don’t give me that export tariff bull, this foundation, like most of the overpriced cosmetics us Canadians buy, was made in Canada!

Overall thoughts: A solid natural finish foundation, Urban Decay Naked Skin lives up to its promises very positively. Most definitely worth checking out!

Wearing Naked Skin

In more natural lighting to see how it blends into the skin…


What do you think of Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Ultra Definition Liquid Makeup? Do you think its ridiculously long name helps? Let’s discuss!

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14 thoughts on “I’m naked again thanks to Urban Decay’s Naked Skin Weightless Ultra Definition Liquid Makeup

    1. Shivani Post author

      You are going to hate me, I’m doing a series on natural finish foundations. Well, if you are comfortable without foundation, that is a fantastic thing. I feel good without foundation, but I feel better with some on because I have pigmentation on my chin. But you know if I could go back in time, I would not wear foundation when I did have perfect skin…
      Shivani recently posted..I’m naked again thanks to Urban Decay’s Naked Skin Weightless Ultra Definition Liquid MakeupMy Profile


    1. Shivani Post author

      Well at this point its more or less equal and has been for so long. I could understand how/why this mark up could be justified 5-10 years ago, but it is so unfair now. I can even understand if its 2-3 bucks, but everything is ridiculously overpriced. Its not that I’d get poorer by shelling out 10 more bucks, but its about equity and fairness, which unfortunately does not exist in businesses.
      Shivani recently posted..I’m naked again thanks to Urban Decay’s Naked Skin Weightless Ultra Definition Liquid MakeupMy Profile


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