First of all, I’m having such an awkwardly emotional moment writing this post. I don’t know if you should know, but I was considering quitting blogging all together in the past couple of weeks. The reasons are more personal than anything else, but what the heck? I’m a beauty junkie after all! Β I love this platform – regardless of how minute this blog may be in the sea of other great beauty blogs, I enjoy it. So, I guess I am back? And back with my number one reason to shower these days. It is none other than Lush Flying Fox Shower Gel.

It is the sweetest, sexiest, most delicious scent in my books. Wow, that is quite a statement and I mean at least 99% of it because we have to leave room for an upgrade, right? The main scents in this one are those of honey and jasmine, both of which, I absolutely love. It is such a sensuous summer mix that makes me feel fresh, sexy and sweet – all at the same time! The most appealing quality, however, is that the mix is incredibly calming and has cured many headaches of mine.

The scent in this one is not timid; it is strong and lingers on your skin forever. Though, I have to say that in my experience, Lush’s products’ scents vary by the batches they were made in. I have bought this one twice already and the first bottle had a way more floral scent to it and was overall, stronger than the one I have right now. I don’t know what calls for this inconsistency, but I certainly do not appreciate it.

It lathers quite well, but the consistency is a tad thicker than most shower gels. At $27.95, it is most probably an indulgence for me, but I find it to be worth it. Which other shower gel can calm me down in an anxious moment? It is much cheaper than a therapist on call and most definitely better smelling πŸ˜‰

So yes, I do love this babe and surely will recommend it to those who find the combination of jasmine and honey appealing. But hey, who doesn’t? This one certainly has my vote :)

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15 thoughts on “My #1 reason to shower – Lush Flying Fox Shower Gel!

  1. ShannoninBC

    I love a lot of Lush products, some are totally worth the splurge while others not so much. Glad this shower gel is doing it for ya, tho! Also glad you decided to keep blogging, we need more good Canadian beauty bloggers and to keep the ones we have going! :)


  2. Larie

    I’m glad you’re staying with us, Shivani! :) This sounds lovely, but I don’t think I could do nearly $30 for a shower gel. I do think that it’s important to indulge yourself once in a while, though, so don’t you dare feel guilty about it! Enjoy it πŸ˜€
    Larie recently posted..The Thursday PostMy Profile


  3. rashmi

    shivuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu you will get good dose from me haan ?
    you write awesomeeeeee reviews baby … i want you to alwaysssssssssssss stay here … :d you have stood by me in thick and thin and am feeling bad with my current situations that am not able to listen to you and calm you down …
    this is such an awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeee stuff , but hey mine is not thick as you said ??? is this due to indian version or so ??
    rashmi recently posted..NYX Black Label Lipstick Citrine : Review and FOTDMy Profile


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  12. Witoxicity

    Heh heh, you’ve probably noticed. I’m always drawn to your LUSH posts. πŸ˜€ Wow, you really make this shower gel sound like it was made in heaven. Hmmm, maybe it was. Keep your chin up, my dear. We all have one of those days. Take a short break from blogging if you have to and usually, you’ll come back feeling reinvigorated. :)
    Witoxicity recently posted..Mill Creek Botanicals: 99% Aloe Vera Gel ReviewMy Profile


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