Ratin Jot, which is an orchid purple, was a pleasant surprise for me. You see, I just bought the entire Thakoon for NARS collection out of my weakness for India inspired collections. I bought each polish regardless of what I actually thought of the colour or whether if I already had a dupe sitting around in my stash. This one, was just one of the polishes I wasn’t initially head over heels in love with. A week later after being on my tips, I can assure that it was another story – I am smitten, indeed!

This is easily one of the best summer into fall shades from the collection. Very, very wearable for the upcoming fall and equally apt for the summer.  This one will suit almost every skin-tone I can think of – especially the deep tones. The colour is an interesting juxtaposition of something not quite being what it is. Before I stop making sense to even myself, let me elaborate – sure, it is a vivid shade but it is not screaming. It contrasts itself, if you know what I mean? As for the wear, it is fantastic! I absolutely love NARS’ polishes and it is a new discovery. I am seriously kicking myself in the backside for not exploring NARS beyond its fantastic blushes. I am a blush fanatic, after all! Yes, it is $21 Cdn and no I don’t regret a penny of it. Any cosmetic which upon application, results in a smile on your face, is worth every penny and more, non? Oh, and it remains chip free for an entire week, minor tip wear though and that is without top coat.

Overall thoughts: I honestly wonder what made me fall so hard for this one. It is fabulous.

Overall rating: A

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