What’s hotter than lal mirchi? Nothing! It is the king of spices in Indian cuisine. Trust you me, it is most used spice in an Indian kitchen, pertinent to every single dish! This is one knockout of a shade, the most perfect (you must be getting tired of hearing that about every single Thakoon for NARS polish by now) Mandarin Red polish!

This is a more orange hued red, a lipstick that reminds me of this shade is MAC So Chaud, which is one hell of a hot mama. This is a red nail polish, but so unique in itself – the perfect mixture of orange and red, and is extremely flattering against my skin tone. The polish is supposed to be a cream finish, but I find it to be a little glossier than that. The polish goes fully opaque in two coats, but I experienced earlier chipping with this one in comparison to other Thakoon for NARS polishes. I would say, there was tip wear going into the fifth day and minor chipping from then on. Not bad for a polish without any top coat, but I have had way better luck with other NARS polishes so far.

Overall thoughts: One hot polish for summer! It did not wear as well as other nail polishes in the collection, but the quality is still right up there! The colour is my vision of red wine based orange sangrias.

Overall rating: A-

Availability: It is a narcosmetics.com & NARS boutique exclusive..

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