Who knew that pomegranate seeds (Anardana) could one fine day make an apt name for a nail polish? Who knew, really? Well turns out it is one of the hottest polishes of this summer and no, we are not complaining. Especially if it is the most perfect azalea pink polish. Thank you NARS & Thakoon!

Yes, it is quite possibly dupable, but oh my gosh – how scrumptious does it look on my nails? Or, as my friend Rashmi (Indyabeauty) would say it, it is simply mouthwatering, honey! This is quite easily the most universal shade of this collection – it can’t go wrong on anyone. ANYONE! This also easily transcends with seasons. The formula, again, is one of the best I have tried. I simply can not recommend this enough but this being so easily dupable, I would never go out of my way to compel it. There are more unique shades in this collection. I, quite honestly, just bought it for the name and I am simply delighted to have this around. I got a gel manicure with this one, so a week later it is still going well except some tip wear.

PS: these are beginning to sell out on counters, but they are still available on Nars.com and that’s where I got mine from. I will continue to feature these so long as they are available there. I know, it’s not exactly hot news because the big bloggers already have finished reviewing these over a month ago, but it is more of a personal memoir for me! I simply love this collection :) 

Overall thoughts: Easily the most universally flattering polish from the collection. While not the most unique shade, the stupendous formula makes it a winner!

Overall rating: A

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