Is there a lipstick that *YOU* must get? It is MAC Viva Glam V, no doubt! Why, you may ask. Well, the answer is quite simple, it is just that perfect my lips but, bham, what is that nude rose thing on my lips, better. This thing first caught my attention when I saw it in a collective lipstick post done by a bunch of beautiful bloggers. It was then that I decided that I needed to have it for myself. It is just that perfect rose/nude/muave sheer wash of shade.

It is quite easily one of the most wearable shades in a lipstick form that I have come across. It is super sheer, with slightly colour adjusting/reflecting flecks of mauve, pink and brown in a sheer neutral base. I think was semi-successful in describing what it’s all about. The formula is lustre, which means its perfect for the day. It is neither moisturizing, nor drying and stays on for a good three hours or so.

The best part remains, that the entire $17.50 Cdn spent on this thing went to charity. So this is my good karma lipstick.

Overall thoughts: I love this lipstick for so many reasons and it is a definite yes from me. If you love a nude pink lipstick, you will definitely get a kick out of this. The whipped cream on a frappuccino is that every cent you spend on this thing goes to charity. Win. Win. Win. Everybody wins!

Overall Rating: A

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