Blush or Blusher? That is the burning question these days that I ask myself every passing second only to result in a Shakespearean monologue. No, really – ok more like not really. But won’t it be fun if all of life’s burning questions resulted in beautiful imagery in your head. Beautiful imagery of blushes, of blushers – which are essentially just synonyms for each other but one is chic-er than the other, non?. Blusher it is from here on! Here, I present to thee, Illamasqua Hussy Blusher – a gorgeous bright candy pink blush in a matte finish.

I love this blusher so much that a perfect summer day is maybe incomplete without this on my cheeks. It is just that perfect bright blusher you need. Yes, you reading this! On my medium dark skin tone, this translates beautifully, but honestly – a shade like this will look fabulous on you if you have an ounce of warmth in your skin, period! Lighter tones always have the option of using a lighter hand or a fan brush and it is extremely buildable in terms of coverage for richer hued ladies.

I’m extremely sorry if the picture above is overwhelming or nauseating to look at. But I really, really get overjoyed by seeing what my tiny point and shoot can accomplish without a lens. I’m impressed, to be honest. Ok, enough about the close up, let’s talk further about the blush blusher. Illamasqua’s blushers are one of my favorite formulas – I just adore them! Pigmented, but not crazily. Not powdery. Not chalky. I want to see Illamasqua expand the range further, so I can expand my collection.

I do realize that I am an easy customer when it comes to most blushers. A pretty colour and doable formula results in me singing praises on rooftops. But Illamasqua’s blushers, like NARS & MAC are fabulous. I would recommend these in a heartbeat…

Overall thoughts: Yes. It is a definite yes. Especially get it if you are anywhere close to my skin-tone – please & thank you!

Overall rating: A

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18 thoughts on “Review | Illamasqua Hussy Blusher

  1. rashmi

    shivuuuuu i loveddddd your pics .. and later realized you had written the same … 😀
    seriously i noticed the close up pics first .. and tell you in better better words …
    they are mouthwatering …. 😀 you are looking cute as ever sweetie D: D:
    TBH I loveeee such close up pics and like to see the small small squares .. i could feel the blush / blusher is in front of me XOXO 😀
    rashmi recently posted..Lip Combo : “N” not for me or meant for me ??My Profile


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