Phyrra shares her picks for the Best WordPress Plugins for Beauty Bloggers. Ever wanted to know how to make a cheap and simple palette? Check out Midnight Violets straightforward DIY post! Hate purchasing without a lip swatch? Check out the Revlon Balm Stain megapost on My Lips But Better. Lisamarie from Beauty Crazed travels all the way to Germany to polish up her nails for the fall – okay, maybe not but she does swatch some of the OPI Germany… Read more »

What’s hotter than lal mirchi? Nothing! It is the king of spices in Indian cuisine. Trust you me, it is most used spice in an Indian kitchen, pertinent to every single dish! This is one knockout of a shade, the most perfect (you must be getting tired of hearing that about every single Thakoon for NARS polish by now) Mandarin Red polish!

Aren’t we spoiled for choices when it comes to BB creams these days? They are springing up like wild mushrooms and no, we are not complaining a single bit! Latest (sort of) to join the bandwagon is Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream ($9 & up). It is so nice to have drugstore products being so fabulous lately and this is, for the most part, no exception.

Excuse me for saying how much I love my tanned skin. It just looks so sunny. Summer is our most prized season and I have to be honest despite being in school, this is my favorite summer thus far. Vancouver is a beauty in summer and Calgary, unfortunately, does not hold a candle to it in this department (we still have the oil money, though). My favorite things to do is to go by the waterfront station and just take… Read more »

Is there a lipstick that *YOU* must get? It is MAC Viva Glam V, no doubt! Why, you may ask. Well, the answer is quite simple, it is just that perfect my lips but, bham, what is that nude rose thing on my lips, better. This thing first caught my attention when I saw it in a collective lipstick post done by a bunch of beautiful bloggers. It was then that I decided that I needed to have it for… Read more »

Phyrra is in love with the cult product inspired by beauty balm creams, Illamasqua Skin Base! She compares shades 1, 2, 4, and Au and dazzles you with their versatility! Say hello to summer. Fleurissante has swatched the new Dior Diorskin Nude Tan bronzers. Gouldylox finds a mascara that may permanently end her search for the perfect mascara. Looking for a product that’ll create a smokey eye in under ten seconds? Check out Rae’s review of the Sephora Smoky Kohl… Read more »

Who knew that pomegranate seeds (Anardana) could one fine day make an apt name for a nail polish? Who knew, really? Well turns out it is one of the hottest polishes of this summer and no, we are not complaining. Especially if it is the most perfect azalea pink polish. Thank you NARS & Thakoon!

Blush or Blusher? That is the burning question these days that I ask myself every passing second only to result in a Shakespearean monologue. No, really – ok more like not really. But won’t it be fun if all of life’s burning questions resulted in beautiful imagery in your head. Beautiful imagery of blushes, of blushers – which are essentially just synonyms for each other but one is chic-er than the other, non?. Blusher it is from here on! Here,… Read more »

Makeup Foundation: Make Up For Ever HD Foundation in 153. I have had this foundation for almost two years now – but I previously had it in 150 – which wasn’t the best shade match for me. Now that I do have a bang on shade match – I wear it all the time. In fact, I fear that I am almost out of it :/ Concealer: MAC & Mickey Contractor Duo Concealer (Which was sent to me by lovely… Read more »

Make Up For Ever Aqua Shadow in 28 E is a pretty popular beige that looks good on anyone. You may already own and love the shade in a different formulation. Like the girl who loves to drink up and put up a show in every party you have been to this colour has been around (pun intended). But unlike that girl who’ll get knocked up in a few days and disappear for good (Snooki, I am talking to you,… Read more »

Ratin Jot, which is an orchid purple, was a pleasant surprise for me. You see, I just bought the entire Thakoon for NARS collection out of my weakness for India inspired collections. I bought each polish regardless of what I actually thought of the colour or whether if I already had a dupe sitting around in my stash. This one, was just one of the polishes I wasn’t initially head over heels in love with. A week later after being… Read more »

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