A study carried out by a price comparison website recently revealed the extent to which women’s shopping habits can often be deceitful and secretive. According to the survey, women have a whole host of porkies up their sleeves, which they’re ready to reel out in a bid to keep the men in their lives from sniffing out their spending.


Guilt and the ‘shopping hangover’ would seem to offer some explanation as to why the fairer sex would need to conceal or soften the blow of their spending spree. But let’s face it, when the pleasure of a new purchase is more often than not revoked with a gruff ‘How much did that cost?,’ who can blame them?


Men tend to shop on a needs-must basis, whereas women just can’t get enough of it. It’s all down to evolution, apparently. In early societies, women were the gatherers and men were the hunters. That’s why women like to revel in their purchases, and proudly display their discoveries. It’s no wonder then, that when a hard day’s work is dismissed so readily, the desire to keep the spoils a secret kicks in.


Perhaps it’s not that surprising how easily the fibs fly off the tongue. ‘I’ve had this for ages!’ ‘It was half price.’ ‘I used my vouchers.’ With a lack of any genuine enthusiasm on the part of the interrogator, the task is often made that little bit too easy.


Saturday afternoons see women across the country casting a furtive glance about them, checking for the comforting, muted tones of a televised sporting event. The way’s then clear to tiptoe unquestioned up the stairs, and add to the stash of garments – more often than not, still in their original carrier bags – at the back of the wardrobe.


The delights of online shopping provide an alternative opportunity for a spot of stealthy spending. Of course, if the postman is intercepted at the door, the tried and tested favourite – ‘What this old thing? I’ve had it for years’ – won’t really wash on this occasion. Unwanted garments can easily be returned and no one needs be any the wiser. A quick visit to the local corner shop under the cloak of fetching some much-needed cat food allows an unsuitable item to be dropped off and returned via collect plus. Or indeed, avoid that duplicitous postman altogether and collect your parcel from the local shop in the first place. Enjoy the spoils, and happy gathering!

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2 thoughts on “Sponsored post | Secret spoils of the female shopper

  1. Dharti

    I disagree about men only buying needs-based stuff. How many men NEED that monster truck or that sportscar for their daily commute? How many of them need the gadgets? Or the sports tickets. Its just that they spend on different things than women. And those things that they do spend on are fewer and far between but much more expensive. Also, they’ve done a very good job of convincing women that somehow that ps3 is less frivolous than a good dress and pair of shoes.
    That said, I do see many women concealing their purchases. Its weird to me.


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