I got my blogging mojo back, yes, you heard me right! I blame the six pretty polishes in the picture above for that. I haven’t felt more excited about a collection in a long time. I am super ecstatic and I think it was money well spent. Ever since I heard NARS was going to collaborate with Thakoon to come up with an India inspired collection, I was having sleepless nights out of excitement. The result of this collection is total masaledar masti (spicy frolic in Hindi) on my nails. Today, I will talk about Kutki, which in my opinion, is the most precious baby blue nail polish ever!

Now, I never did know that there is a spice called Kutki. In fact, it is not a spice, but a medicinal herb, so I was not completely out of the loop there. Kutki translated into a beautiful baby blue polish and I am in love! I am so glad I purchased this one despite less than perfect reviews it had received. On me, it displayed perfect pigmentation in two coats. I am quite dark right now and it looks so spectacular against my dark skin – the contrast of a pale shade on my dark skin is so utterly gorgeous that I can’t stop staring. Take a look for yourself…

This is my first NARS polish and I am so impressed by it. Three days down and it shows no signs of giving up. The polish costs $21 Cdn and for me totally worth.

Overall thoughts: Kutki is such a precious baby blue polish, a total must have if you ask me. I can’t stop staring at my nails out of joy!

Overall rating: A-

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