I recently made the switch to a natural deodorant upon my mother’s insistence. When I was 14, I had a waxing accident, during which I burnt my armpit and it was forever discoloured. Nothing drastic, but it always has some discolouration and add to insult use of razors and being Indian – hyper pigmentation and discolouration is always a big problem to us. What makes it worse? The deodorant in your drugstore aisle filled with all sorts of chemicals – who would have thought? So, in short, I made a conscious decision to switch to natural deodorant and I found my match in Lush Coconut Deodorant Powder ($7.95 Cdn).

How is it as a deodorant? Well, I have mixed feelings regarding that. Have I had better? Yes, I have! Being someone who loves hot yoga, I do find myself a bit conscious in between of the class. No, I don’t stink – I just don’t feel quite as fresh with this one. I sweat like a dude in hot yoga (a tiny, 5’3 dude, nonetheless). But besides that, this one is quite doable. In everyday life, I don’t have much complains except maybe I am not used to this one. Having been spoiled by synthetic, but more fragrant deodorants, I find the fragrance in this one and Lush’s other natural deodorants to be kind of a bummer. I wish it was not as mildly scented. I am also disappointed by the range of fragrances – can we have a super floral/fruity one please, Lush? Also, the way it sets into the skin, the whiteness is still visible on your skin for a while until it gets absorbed. The packaging also, I am not hopelessly in love with. It is not user friendly and causes a lot of wastage and I end up with white powder on my clothes and I once I had to clarify to my friend – that, no, I don’t have the “Kate Moss” problem, thank you very much for your concerns.

But was it worth the switch? Yes, despite all its flaws, I love this deodorant. It has helped tame the discolouration a lot! My armpits are almost normal again – score! I know arm pits is not the most interesting topic in the world, but to some of us, it really makes us insecure and it doesn’t help that every cute top is sleeveless. If you are someone who is fed up from under arm discolouration, I highly recommend switching to a natural deodorant as it helps drastically.

Overall thoughts: If you are someone harassed by under arm discolouration – a natural deodorant may help. This one, despite its flaws, helped me tone it down, so I quite like this one.

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12 thoughts on “Review | LUSH Coconut Deodorant Powder

  1. Becca @ The Beauty Sample

    Ooh, I really need to try this one! I’ve been SO curious about Lush lately, so I’m adding this one to my list of purchases. I wore a regular deodorant/antiperspirant from the drugstore for years and just recently, I began to get really bad rashes all of the sudden. I switched to Lavanila natural deodorant and actually really, really like it. It did take some getting used to, but I am so happy with it now! If you haven’t, you should check the brand out–they have a few other scents as well. You might like it better than one in powder form–though I’ll still be checking out the Lush one!
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  2. Thallia

    I think I should take a look at this and see if it will be effective for me.. I might get one to give this a try and I hope I will like this..


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