Illamasqua Lover Blush is my happy blush of the season! Seriously, it makes me so happy that I squeal “Hello, Lover” whenever I put this on! Described as a soft apricot in a matte finish – it is the perfect spring/summer blush.

Ok, before I talk more about the blush, isn’t this the coolest picture I have taken in like, forever? Yes, it is! Now that we have that settled, we can talk more about the blush. What I love the most about Illamasqua Lover is that yes, it is matte and while it is pigmented, it is not overly pigmented. It gives you the best sweep of colour without any risk of looking all made-up. The results are very natural and colourful at the same time 😉 It is also buildable in terms of coverage, so if a shade may not show up on you instantly, you can easily sweep on another layer for it to do so.

Since my pores are essentially non-existent, I do not have any issues with this settling into ’em – well, like any other blush, actually. It wears well, for about 5-6 hours. I personally, do not like to look made up going into the day, I would quite honestly get a bit freaked out if my make-up was as is, at the end of the day. So this not being a 24-hour blush, is more than fine with me.

The colour, honestly, should suit almost everyone except maybe really deep tones. It will, however, look the best with a tan on – that is why I consider it to be one of the best summer blushes. It does remind me of MAC Peaches and MAC Melba, while it does not resemble either of them fully, it is a happy middle between the two blushes. Peaches is more yellow and Melba is more orange. One more thing, Illamasqua’s blushes smell so good – like sweet candy floss! The fragrance is subtle and is only detectable in the pan, it would not follow you on your cheeks!

Me wearing Illamasqua Lover!

Overall thoughts: Illamasqua’s Lover needs some reciprocality from you and trust me, it’s worth it! Such a happy, effortless blush for the upcoming summer!

Overall rating: A-

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15 thoughts on “Review | Illamasqua Lover Blush

  1. rashmi

    realllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy pretty on you shivuuu … and lovely review D 😀 very true .. such a n effortless blush it is 😀 … and your lashes makes my day baby XOXO 😀 along with your cuteeee smile
    rashmi recently posted..HAPPY Mothers Day !!!My Profile


  2. Farzia

    Girl, you look gorgeous. Rather divine. I am definitely going to try this blush right after I finish with my nars.


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