I admit it, I am a Lush Fresh Face Mask slave. I love them and in fact,  have tried almost all of them! Even if a face mask didn’t serve to me, it never offended me at any level. But my favorite, however, is Love Lettuce.

My skin type is normal, slightly dry and a tad sensitive. Me loves this face mask. Since I am in my early mid-twenties, my only priority is making sure my skin stays in the shape it currently is in, forever. Ahh, wishful thinking, but what’s the harm anyways? Exfoliation is a must for anti aging, in my opinion.  I feel like this mask is tailor made for my skin type as it is slightly moisturizing, really exfoliating and never irritating. I really, absolutely endorse this face mask if your skin can take somewhat abrasive exfoliation.

Do you have a favorite face mask? Spill the beans! XO

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