Illamasqua Nail Varnish in Nomad (£ 13.50)  is one hell of a gorgeous bright jade nail polish. I mean, it is next to impossible not fall for this shade especially since (we hope, at least) the snow has disappeared. It is the perfect green in my opinion – I am quite a big fan of pastel green polish, or well, green polish in general. It is definitely a very fun shade, very youthful and jovial. So yeah, Illamasqua, you had me at the colour…

But, I have to say, that green polish, like purple eyeshadow, is a hard bunch all together. Although this is better than a lot of similar colours, it falls a tad short of Illamasqua nail varnish perfection. I do believe that you need three coats to get perfectly opaque finish. I have worn this polish for a week and at the end of it, I have some tip wear. It does hold rather well for a shade, but quality is not perfection. Still, the colour is drool-worthy and I do realize why these quality quirks exist. But you know, being the Illamasqua fan girl that I am, I was hoping that I will have my perfect jade green polish in Nomad. It is not perfect, but reasonably close. I just wish it turned out completely opaque in two coats.

Overall thoughts: I really like this polish for the colour. And while the quality is reasonably good, it is not up your usual Illamasqua perfection standards. It still fares a lot better than other hard to do colours in polish like, say, Essie Turquoise & Caicos! For the price point, Illamasqua does up it game, but unfortunately still falls a bit short.

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Overall rating: B/B+

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