I have been meaning to do this review since I started writing this blog, yes for over two years now! I don’t know what stopped me, but obviously something did. Here I have my first ever primer of any sorts, Urban Decay Primer Potion in Sin ($24 Cdn).

I have used this primer for centuries and I can confidently say that I have a love/hate relationship with this thing. Why I love it? Simple, it’s gorgeous! I love the shimmery champagne color, I mean who wouldn’t, right? I love the slippery texture of this thing too. Well, in theory, anyways because it dries out soon on the lid. Also love it for bringing about the colors of the shadow more vibrantly.

 And why I hate it? Hate is a strong word – no, I don’t quite hate, hate it you know? I just kind of dislike it for not being as reliable the original UDPP. It is less of a primer, simply put. The shadow fades, budges and even, gasp, disappears (sometimes)! No, I am not quite insisting that it is absolutely useless as a primer, that is certainly not the case. It still works for 6 hours easily and then throws a tantrum or two. Also, as a shadow, it needs a base under otherwise it looks like this…

 Overall thoughts: Urban Decay Primer Potion in Sin is nice but not spectacular. It is pretty but not highly functional. It is a beauty, but not a beauty with brains (gah). Ya get it? The shimmery champagne beige is gorgeous alright, but disappoints as a primer. If you are just looking for a solid primer, then go for Sin’s elder sister in the no name Urban Decay Primer Potion/Two Faced Shadow Insurance/MAC Paint Pot in Painterly, etc. If you are vain and can’t look beyond the gorgeousness, then by all means go for this one.

 Overall Rating: B-

 A little bit of summer here – gosh how I miss it!! I am wearing a Free People Ziller Park Maxi in Antique Rose here!! I can’t wait for it to be summer again so I can wear this again 😀 That’s all for now, toodles!


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