MAC Retrospeck Eyeshadow ($18/$14 Cdn for refill) is as a “beached blonde” eyeshadow in a lustre finish. It is the perfect highlight eyeshadow for a dark, intense smokey eye. I like to pair it with darker shades such as MAC Knight Divine, MAC Print,  just to name a few. It is not your everyday highlight/all over lid colour, you would only want to use it for a night time’s look. Well, but that’s just me, you can do whatever floats your boat 😉 There is fall out, so the texture is not perfect. Also, since it is more or less a highlight shade, the pigmentation is sheer. Having said that, I still do like it a lot as a highlight shade, the effect it has is that of a metallic sheen.

Overall thoughts: It is a nice highlight shade which ends up in a metallic sheen. Not a must have, by any means; falls in the “nice to have” category.

Overall Rating: B-

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