OMG, it has been centuries since my last blog post, I know. Trust me, I had my reasons which are as boring as midterms, exhaustion and getting sick from midterm related exhaustion. Exciting much? But that’s just my life, you see! To get back on the blogging track, I have a real firecracker up for you guys and its called MAC Lady Danger Lipstick. A vivid bright coral red, this one is not for the wimps.

Now, MAC Lady Danger is what it is; a badass! If she was a woman, I could see her wearing a black leather jacket, black skinny jeans and riding away on a motorcycle with her little piece of the moment. I mean just take a look at her…

As a lipstick, since it is a matte finish from MAC, so obviously it is highly pigmented. It is not drying per se, but not moisturizing at all at the same time. Get it? It is long lasting, but since I am not the greatest tester of a lipstick’s longevity, but I would say it is pretty long lasting on on you non lip licking folks. The only grime is that when it does start to fade, it settles into the lip lines and also since I have a pretty small mouth and the formula being so rich and creamy, it feathers a hell lot! But I still love the lipstick mainly because it is Who wants to be shy when wearing red? Not me! Bring on the drama, the flair and attention whoring!

Overall: I do think it is a must have lipstick shade from MAC. The colour should flatter almost everyone. Not everyone can afford this hot bitch though, you must have some confidence to spend while wearing this 😉

Overall Rating: A-

PS: Sorry about the sailor mouthing, I got a little carried away 😛

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