Vasanti Ultra Luxe Lipstick in Sweden ($15 Cdn) is described as a perfect nude-pink and I agree, it is a pretty perfect nude-pink. Despite being a pale shade, it covers my pigmented lips with full perfection. I love how glossy, creamy and pigmented it is…

But most of all, I love how the shade looks against my tan skin. It is not ashy and neither does it get lost against my skin tone. This is the selling point of this lipstick. Vasanti sure does know how to make lighter colours work for darker skin tones. I have tried a couple more such shades from Vasanti, and I love them all dearly.

Formula, again, is agreeable. It is great if you have healthy lips, but rather unfriendly if your lips are not in the best shape possible. Wear time is also average. So just keep that in mind…

Overall thoughts: I love this lipstick and highly recommend this shade in particular. It can be worn anywhere, anytime. Despite being a light lipstick, it does not get lost against darker skin tones, now isn’t that something to gush about?

Overall rating: B+

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