The Body Shop’s latest offering is Chocomania, a guilt-free, calorie-free chocolate flavoured inedible range of bath goodies. I personally love the range, I guess it must be the delicious smell of chocolate. It consists of a body scrub, shower cream, soap, body lotion, body butter and lip butter.

The body scrub ($18) is moisturizing and has very small granules to exfoliate.I suspect that it has some essential oils in it because it leaves your skin very moisturized. The only bummer is that it is somewhat hard to work with in the shower because of the small granules. If you have sensitive skin, however, you will like the small granules Overall rating: B+

The shower cream ($8) is a rather luxurious for just a shower gel, it smell divine, lathers to minimum. Overall rating: B+

Heart-shaped soap ($4) is my favorite. First of all, how cute is the shape? Love at first sight, no? The granules in it are somewhat harsh, but I do not mind, because I love coarser exfoliants. People with sensitive skin may not enjoy it though. I think it is one of the must haves from the collection. Overall rating: A-

The Body Lotion ($12) is highly moisturizing and not sticky at all. Like all other TBS lotions, it is fantastic and the chocolate fragrance is just nom. Overall rating: A-

The Body Butter ($18) is one of the best I have tried so far. The texture is thick, but it melts away in the skin perfectly. The combination of chocolate and body butter is just fantastic. If you love your body butters and chocolate, close your eyes and just get it. Overall rating: A

The Lip Butter ($6) is really moisturizing, tastes and smell like chocolate but unfortunately leaves a slight bitter taste to the lips in the end. Overall rating: B

Disclosure: Sample products sent by PR for consideration only.

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23 thoughts on “Review | The Body Shop Chocomania Collection

  1. Olgie

    We’re so ripped off! The Body Shop never has sales in Australia. Ever. Limited Edition collections just vanish from the shelves, rather than being discounted. They never do X amount of products for $XX either, like they do overseas. Why? Whinge aside, I’m definitely going to have a sniff of this chocolate range.
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    1. Shivani Post author

      Aww Olgie, I am so sorry hon! BUT I have a feeling that the Australian government, not the companies taxes cosmetics so crazy. But they should do sales and stuff. You could also try e-bay, I guess?
      This range is lovely and if you love chocolate – well, who doesn’t, right? then you should give it a go! At least get the soap – its soo cute!
      Shivani recently posted..Review | The Body Shop Chocomania Collection My Profile


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  11. Stacey

    SUPER BITTER TASTE – I can’t believe that is not the fist thing that people mention about this product . I bought the lotion and after one use had to give it away as I’m single and don’t want to remain that way forever; No one is gonna kiss your lips let alone anywhere else when you taste this bitter- it also transfers onto everything I eat. It could have the best smell in the world and that wouldn’t make me buy it again. I actually feel like that’s why it was on sale (in South Africa – sorry all the Australians complaining that they never have sales)


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