MAC Goldmine Eyeshadow ($18/ $14 for refill*) is an intense gold with shimmer with a frost finish. It is a stunning all weather turmeric sort of gold. It pairs beautifully with pretty much every colour under the sun. My favourites to pair this with is greens, namely, Juxt, Humid and Lucky Green. It also pairs well with red based browns such as Sable. If you are pretty much a minimalist, fear not, because it look stunning just as an all over lid colour with simple winged out eyeliner. If you already have a gold you love, then this is not a must have. Overall, it is a nice gold eyeshadow, but if you have another that you are absolutely in love with, skip.

Rating: B

*MAC is discontinuing this one in the pan form.

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8 thoughts on “Review | MAC Goldmine Eyeshadow

  1. rashmi

    this is my favoriteeeee gold color from MAC or say from all the gold’s i have 😀 it is sure shot winner and am surprised how come they are Discontinuing it ? :( :( :(


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