Lancome’s Spring 2012 Collection, Roseraie Des Delices is inspired by the mildness of a sweet spring afternoon, it has its superstar in La Roseraie Blush/Illuminating Powder ($48 Cdn).  Just take a look at it, isn’t it just so stunningly delicate?

I will make no two ways about it, this is a blush best suited for fair skin-tones. I obviously am a medium dark skin tone and this serves me best as an all over illuminating powder. It can still work as a blush, but the result is a barely there rosy glow and I don’t really mind that either, to be honest. The highlighting part does come with glitter, while it is indeed sparkly, it is not tacky. No way does it stand out on your face, but instead gives a glow to it. The PR dossier insists one must use a broad brush and swirl the entire powder for an all over illuminating effect and then grab the pink from centre to use as a blush. I did just so, and the result was me glowing with a hint of rose, obviously. The results will be best showcased on a porcelain doll, however, I just know!  But being way more tanned than one,I have to admit, it is still very gorgeous on my skin tone. Nothing ashy or chalky about the blush part and nothing tacky about the highlighter part. This is how it looks on me…

It is very much a sheer pink blush on me and I find that to be the perfect winter into spring blush. Despite being a cool pink blush, it does not look ashy against the warmth of my skin and in spite of being very sheer, it does not get overwhelmed by my strong tan (albeit a natural and permanent one!). It is admittedly not that swatch friendly, take a look!

Thank god it translates beautifully on the face, though and that is what matters to me. One big complaint, why does it have to be so beautiful in the pan brand new? Why can’t the spray sheen last forever and ever? Grr, it killed to put my brush in it for the first time. The sacrifices I have to make for the blog, sigh!

Overall thoughts: Lancome La Roseraie is a stunner. It is admittedly a porcelain doll’s best friend, but treats a medium dark girl like myself not too bad either, in fact, quite good. If you love a sheer pink blush, I know this has made you weak in the knees already. Don’t worry, it will be money well spent.

Note: It is a limited edition blush from Lancome Spring 2012 Roseraie Des Delices collection, which will be available at your nearest Lancome counter around mid February, exact dates not known to me as of this very moment.

This post contains sample products sent by PR/Company for editorial consideration.

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