Sephora Blockbuster Palette ($59) has every colour under the sun. With 96 eyeshadows, 84 lip glosses, 6 cream eyeliners, 2 eyeliner pencils, 3 blushes, a bronzer and a mascara; it has all your needs covered. Unfortunately, since god blessed me with only two arms, it wasn’t humanly possible for me to swatch every shade. I will, however, give you my views on this palette.

The trump card of this palette is the generous variety of selection. You get to try many shades of eyeshadows and lip glosses, mainly which it would not be otherwise possible to do so. It focuses on varied colours, not just neutrals but various colours in different finishes, including cream. Quality wise, I have to tell up straight, it is pretty mediocre. Not bad, but not outstanding by any means. Some eyeshadows are fantastic, some are ok, some are chalky.

The lip glosses, are ok, but my personal opinion on lipgloss isn’t quite aligned with a palette. It gets messy after a while, don’t you think? But, again, the variety is phenomenal. The shades of lip gloss, like the ones of eyeshadow, are indeed diverse, to say the least. The rest of products are fewer in number, and the quality is marginally better.

Who would get a kick out of this? As a beauty blogger, this does not tickle my fancy much. Because, well, I have seen a lot thus far. I can, however, see it making the day of a young teenager, who is just starting out with make up. This palette can also be a great starting point for someone who is just starting to explore new waters of the make-up land, or should I say, seas? They can have a play date with this thing and decide what kind of colours they would like to own for themselves. Quality is not outstanding, but strictly just good enough for practice.

Overall thoughts: Get this for the quantity, not quality. I will recommend it to those who are just starting out with make-up and want to have know which way they would like their stash to go.

Disclosure: Product sent by PR for consideration.

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10 thoughts on “Review | Sephora Blockbuster Palette

  1. Amber

    So pretty, I wanted to get this but I ran out of shopping money, lol. Looks like it has some great colors though, good value!


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