Zoya Jo is the perfect blue, well for me, at least. Not too loud or abrasive but still containing the playfulness of what a blue should have. I had been on a look out for a decent blue polish for the longest, but I would often be met with disappointment in my search. It is a cornflower blue with purple undertones. Applies completely opaque in two coats.

I did a bit of “nail art” with Zoya Jo as a base and China Glaze Lorelai’s Tiara on tips.

On a personal note, I am not sure if my nails are befitting the beauty blogging standards. Should I get manicures before doing these nail posts? My nails have never been healthy or I would even say, attractive. But I try. Eeks. Do let me know what you think =)

*Zoya nail polishes are hard to get by in Canada, but some salons do carry it, you just have to look around. Chatters (only salons, no kiosks) carry Zoya but unfortunately the selection is quite limited. I got mine from Dolce Salon in Market Mall, Calgary.

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8 thoughts on “NOTD | Zoya Jo Nailpolish & a bit of nail art…

  1. ShannoninBC

    I like that your hands look like mine, imperfect. Embrace it! I have a lot of ridges and peeling on my nails for some reason, got a 4 sided sanding/buffing/shining block for $2 or so from walmart, which helps and a good base coat always works well. I would LOVE to try more Zoya products but sadly they are so very difficult to find :(


  2. Witoxicity

    Yay, blue! That is such a beautiful pick-me-up blue! Very nice sparkly touch with Lorelai’s Tiara there, my dear. Btw, your nails actually look fine in general. To keep them healthy and to combat dryness, it’s just a matter of using hand creams and cuticle oils/creams (I slack sometimes). I like the one from Burt’s Bees. :)


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