Lush Bubble Gum Lip Scrub ($8.95) is well, a scrub for your lips which happens to taste fantastic. nom nom nom. My lips, ever since my sickness (ok, it was nothing serious, just a regular attack of pneumonia) were left dry and cranky and in major need of some TLC. I didn’t actually notice it until I realized that I love lipstick, a lot! Testing those lipsticks out made me notice that my lips were not in the best shape ever and that is really just undermining the situation. I was never the girl to pamper the pout, but now, I realized I had to do something about it. Come to rescue, Lush Bubble Gum Lip Scrub…

It is not a miracle worker, but hey, it serves the purpose and is cute and tasty to boot! All you do is take a bit on your fingers and apply it on your lips in circular motions and ta-da, healthier lips present themselves. I love the scent and the pink, oh it had me at the pink!  It is kind of messy, however. It makes me look like a three year old who forgot to wipe her face after eating sugar (yes, don’t all three year old’s just love sugar?). Now if you have seriously chapped, bleeding lips – this product will not work for you! Only get this if you have slightly unhealthy lips and need to up your lip routine. I also notice that with regular use, my lips are improving day by day; the effect it has is gradual.

Overall thoughts: I like this product and I am really happy with this purchase. If you have no major existing issues with your lips and just want to up your lip routine, you may like this product.

PS: Hasn’t the pink made this review so cute? I appreciate pink more since this thing game into my life…

This handsome guy made this scrub! I love how Lush puts up a picture of who made it.

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5 thoughts on “Review | LUSH Bubble Gum Lip Scrub

  1. rashmi

    It does sounds little exciting however I never tried this babes …. I dont have any issues with lips but there is no harm in pampering them right ?? 😀 😀
    am gonna try this for sure …. thank you so much for sharing honey


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