A lipgloss that tastes so good that it can replace dessert; good or bad? I am undecided, to be honest! I would be ok if it tasted either sweet or just delicious, but since it is both, it is a lethal combination. For me, Bath & Body Works’ Liplicious Lipgloss in Gingerbread Giggle and Candied Smile ($8 US) is just that gloss – too sweet &/or tasty to handle!

The USP of these glosses are quite obviously is their dessert-like taste. Besides that, they kind of remind me of those little lip glosses I used to carry with me in my pencil case in grade 9. This gloss is exactly what my 13 year old dreams were made of; sweet, shiny, sparkly! It is moisturizing, but more than that it is sticky. I personally don’t notice the sticky-ness bothering me so much because I tend to eat off the gloss in a matter of well, seconds; don’t blame me, it is just so freaking tasty. But yes, I can imagine your hair sticking to your lips, unfortunately.

Overall thoughts: If you are into delicious tasting gloss, you will like it. If you are not, I will skip.

Disclosure: Sample products sent by PR for consideration.

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2 thoughts on “Review | Bath & Body Works “All I want is a” Liplicious Lipgloss in Gingerbread Giggle & Candied Smile

  1. rashmi

    sometimes it is good to see the things we used when we were makeup virgins and this reminds of those days 😀 …
    when i see my sister’s daughter to lust for these type of glosses i go out of the way to get her every possible shade or type ….
    i would certainly try to get some of these if i can 😀


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