I would be honest and say upfront that this is not a review, but an introduction. A few weeks ago, I got an email from Topbox.ca asking if I would be willing to talk about their sample subscription service. I thought, sure, why not? I personally love the idea behind sample subscriptions, but I had my fingers burnt twice (but we’ll just not talk about it). The thing is, if you are going to charge money for samples, they better be worth it right? And I would definitely love at least one full-size product thrown in there. And no, nothing to do with drug-store either because excuse me, should I really be paying any money for “drugstore samples”? No, I don’t think so!

From my experience from November’s Topbox, I can say that I am more than pleased. Granted it was provided free of cost for me to review, trust you me, I would be jumping with joy had I paid for it too. First of all, the brands were all my style. When you pay for sample subscriptions, you don’t want things are dirt cheap. This month’s topbox featured brands like Cake, Deborah Lipmann, Stila and Dr. Brandt. From what the PR folks have emphasized, this sample subscription is committed to “top brands” and if they, in the long run fulfill this promise, they definitely have my vote over other sample subscriptions who have long strayed away from it. And more than that, it was bang on buck value, perhaps a lot more than that. It contained two full sized products; Cake hand cream & Deborah Lipmann nail polish. Now, I understand that it may not happen every month, but I hope they at least feature one full size product every month. From a consumer’s point of view, when I pay a certain amount of money and I have no choice over what I get in return (color, smell, whatever you get the point) I can for the least, be pleasantly surprised in terms of generosity of the product. Consumers don’t want teeny tiny things packed in a fancy box that they can get for free with a trip to the mall, you know what I mean? We want value! Another thing I loved about is that it is not just a bunch of skincare products that may miss my demographic completely; it has color. I am young and so are a lot of people who subscribe to such services, I do not appreciate samples of wrinkle cream. Surely, I could pass those to someone, but why would I really want to? Also, the box, although not really a box, is cute, takes less space – I like to store my brushes in it :) I feel this month’s Topbox was a really good one and quite befitting to my taste. Now I had sworn off sample subscriptions after a couple of mediocre experiences, but now I have an option that is not too shabby. I may seriously have to reconsider.

This month’s top box contained: Cake Velveteen Hand Cream (full size); yummiest smelling hand cream ever, it makes me want to eat my had – which is probably not good. Deborah Lippman Some Echanted Evening Nail Lacquer (full size) – a beautiful pink glitter polish. Dr. Brandt Time Arrest Eye Serum ( a very generous sample) and a deluxe sample of Stila Lip Glaze in Raspberry (great color choice).

Oh now I have my first Canada only giveaway! You can win next month’s Topbox! All you have to do is like topbox on facebook (here) and of course, follow AOYV by GFC. (one entry) You can also, for additional entries (two each), follow the blog through facebook or twitter. (I know my tweets are protected, but I accept all requests). Just leave a comment mentioning your name/handles/whatever you go by! (I will check) Contest is open for two weeks; till Dec 7.

WINNER IS EDMONTONJB, I have announced your name in a tweet :) you have 48 hours to email me back! Congrats!!!!

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29 thoughts on “Topbox.ca Introduction + Giveaway (Canadian)

  1. Samantha C

    I have no idea how GFC works. But I liked you on facebook and followed you on twitter. I hope I can qualify to win the prize :)


  2. ShannoninBC

    For some reason your header and gfc widget aren’t showing :( however, I liked you on fb, +1’d this, and following you on twitter now as ShannoninBC for all. Great giveaway :)


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  7. Kate

    Ooh fun!! I “liked” topbox and your blog on facebook and I am now following you on Twitter :)

    (Facebook: Kate Cumming, Twitter: TheKate022)


  8. claire-can


    just discovered your blog !

    I clicked on “like” topbox and your blog on facebook and I am now following you on Twitter under the name cerisierenfleur for twitter and claire c. a. r. b .o .n. e)


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