Who knew that The Body Shop could do a fragrance so good? With a heady blend of musks on top, heart and base and little notes of Turkish delight, baby orchid and Chantilly cream here and there, this one is a winner! If you like sweet and sensual fragrance, you will definitely dig White Musk Libertine. Ok, so you know that this one clicked with me big time, but I was taken away by how sweetly sensual this one is; it is almost luxurious and the fancy pink packaging doesn’t hurt a bit, you know!

The Body Shop has five products in this range; a body lotion ($16.50), eau de toilette ($24), a body wash ($16.50), eau de parfum ($24) and a body mist ($15). I got to try the bolded ones and yes, I will tell you all about it in detail in this review, read on!

The eau de parfum comes in a teeny tiny 30 ml bottle and costs $24. The fragrance is utterly sweet, so if you are not into those kind of scents, steer clear. Now that you have been warned, read on! There is nothing else to say here, fragrance is personal and I personally like this one a lot. But it is just personal preference, you know? Ha! The parfum (so fancy in French, non?) lasts on me for a good 2-3 hours and nothing lasts more than that on me, so I am not disappointed in terms of wear…

Moving on, the body mist is the same potato, potaato (Brit accent) of the parfum (French accent). It is a tad taller and contains more than the parfum, actually it is thrice the size and retails for $15, which, my math tells me is $9 less but it is also milder scent-wise. So really, you don’t need both and it solely depends on how you like to wear your scents. I’m old fashioned, so I’ll take the parfum route, but if you are still undecided, you are spoiled for options! Decisions, decisions!

The body wash, ahh! Je t’aime, gel douche, oui, oui! Ok, so this is probably the only sentence in affirmative which implies that I love a douche! I don’t love any other douches besides this one, I have very low tolerance for not-so-nice-anything. I love how sweet, sensual and delectable it is. I have already declared my love for its scent and that is a big part of the reason why I love this one. Besides that, it really is just another body wash, you know? {In case you are wondering why no picture for the shower gel? Well it is camera shy and lies half used in my shower}

Overall thoughts: My recommendation for this collection is based on how much you like this scent. I personally really, really like this one and that is the only reason I wrote a humongous article on it. I personally think it will make an exceptional Christmas gift for high maintenance women in your life that you don’t want to spend too much on but still want to impress, like the snobby mother of your boyfriend or just that really good frenemy of yours who gained 5 pounds, so you like her right now or you could just buy it for yourself don’t get them anything at all. I personally would just do the latter.

Disclosure: The Body Shop sent me the products featured in this review.

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10 thoughts on “The Body Shop White Musk Libertine Collection

  1. Fieran

    I used to be a big fan of the original White Musk perfume from Body Shop, years ago when I was a young, idealistic teenager :) I’m really curious about the White Musk Libertine. Shall sniff it the next time I’m around Body Shop. They make one of the best shower creams (that really soothes my dry skin in winter) — the Coconut one. It’s divine :)
    Fieran recently posted..Just Another SundayMy Profile


  2. Olgie

    I bought the perfume and shower gel off eBay (we don’t get the special edition fragrances in Australia). I love the smell of the shower gel but the perfume smells kind of nanna and powdery on me. I gave it to my mum and it smells exactly like the shower gel on her. Bah! At least I get to sniff her as often as I like.
    Olgie recently posted..Eyeshadow: neutral sparkleMy Profile


  3. rashmi

    hey shivu 😀 😀 ….. although i have never tried their fragrances but am sure after your recco am gonna def. try this 😀 and honey i lovedddd your reccos more than the fragrance 😀 😀 …..


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