The Body Shop 4-Step Smoky Eye Palette in Golden Brown ($28) is part of their winter trend make-up collection and consists of four eyeshadows in the warm shades of brown and gold, a mini eye definer and mini eyeshadow brush. It is a basic smoky eye recipe, which is pretty much fail safe for the holiday parties. Pair a classic brown/black smokey eye with pale blush and red lips and you are good to go!

Three eyeshadows out of the four are powder, with the highlighter being a sparkly cream based shadow. Isn’t that smart? Who wants to deal with the glittery fall out of a highlighter, just do it like TBS does and seal the glitter in a cream base! The powder eyeshadows are finely milled, super pigmented and easily blended. My only complain is that maybe they are a bit powdery and do not “seal” well while on. The glittery creamy highlighter again is, smart to say the least. Again, the colours in question are nothing daring, but quad is something that can be used every single day, especially the beige and the lighter brown.

It also comes with a pencil eyeliner, which is kind of forgettable; it doesn’t match up to the quality of eyeshadows, unfortunately. But of course, by no means qualifies to be a deal breaker. I just wish it was softer, it is too stiff and tugs. There is also a tiny eyeshadow brush, but I recommend chucking it and using your trusted eyeshadow brushes instead, but it is not a bad option for on the go! I guess these two additions are only there to show the “value” of the quad. If you are buying it for the eyeshadows alone, it is not bothersome, but if you are thinking you will get an amazing pencil to tag along, it is certainly not the case!

It does make the most beautiful smokey eyes, however. The eyeshadows, although done a hundred times before like this, really go well together. I would recommend this quad to those who obviously don’t have such colors. If you have tonnes of neutral eyeshadow, or even the Urban Decay Naked Palette, this quad obviously won’t have the same appeal. But it is still a beautiful quad in its own right, excluding the eyeliner, of course. The eyeshadows obviously need a primer to stay on the entire day and with a decent primer, they stay on fabulously. And how classy is the packaging?

Overall thoughts: If you don’t have a lot of neutrals, you would definitely enjoy this quad for the eyeshadows. It is classy, timeless and the eyeshadows perform. The eyeliner is a bummer, however.

Disclosure: The Body Shop sent me this product to review!

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