Being a hot single iconic celebrity is hard enough. Just ask Hello Kitty; some say she is too cute to handle. Matchmakers in Cosmeticsland had given up. Then one day, in the humble Club Monaco purse of a very busy beauty editor, she met Tweezerman. Now Tweezerman is not your average male celebrity. Being the committed method actor he is, he doesn’t live the life of sex, drugs & rock-n-roll. He is very rare for his breed; steady, simple, bring home to the rents type of guy! The moment they set their eyes on each other, they knew it was it. Gossip mags went crazy, Perez Hilton couldn’t stop blogging about them and paparazzi just won’t leave them alone! But their relationship is going strong; these two just connect, y’all! And even though they eloped and got married in Vegas, something tells me that they are in for long innings.

Jokes aside, how adorb-freaking-ble is this combination? Well there is more than what meets the eye because apparently, they have  a lot of utility attached to their union. Mirrors and tweezers are like the bread and butter of beauty tools. I especially love the Hello Kitty Noir Compact Mirror ($23) because it flips open to two mirrors; one regular and one 3X magnification mirror on the other side, which is perfect for tweezing. It is also perfect for just about anything else you may need a mirror for and is super cute to boot! I am also loving the Tweezerman Slant Tweezers ($26) and is by far the best purchase in terms of hair removing tools. It is steady and removes each hair with such precision; I am completely floored! I highly recommend getting this one because unless you lose it, you won’t have to buy another tweezer before you pay out your mortgage!

BTW, do you think they color coordinated for this photo-op or was it totally coincidental? 😛

Disclosure: The Hello Kitty Noir Compact Mirror was sent by PR for consideration. The Tweezerman tweezers were bought by me, however.

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