LUSH Cosmetic Warrior Fresh Face Mask is a mask meant for break out prone skin, but I tried it regardless. I had heard many great things about it from friends and wanted to find out for myself. I have to say, even though I do not have break-out prone skin, this mask still did great things for my skin. It left my face as soft or maybe even softer than a baby’s bottom. I had been taking a lot of anti-biotics in the past month and its effect showed up on my skin, it was very zombie-like, to be frank. My skin had never looked so out of it, so having a mask with healing properties like this one was a nice treat. I cannot speak for how it fares on people with acne-prone skin, but someone who has normal but dull skin, this is a not so bad mask at all. Even though it doesn’t ideally cater to my needs, it still left it very soft and that’s not such a bad thing after all, non?

I most definitely will not repurchase, but it was a nice mask to try once. The only thing that stops me from repurchasing is that it is the wrong profile for me. I much prefer exfoliating masks and that is the sole reason. If you have acne prone skin, it will be worth for you to try it out and see how it fares. For me, it was a good one time try.

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14 thoughts on “LUSH Cosmetic Warrior Fresh Face Mask

  1. Larie

    I’ve never tried any sort of mask, now that I think about it. I exfoliate 2x a week though, so I feel maybe they aren’t necessary. Still, if they feel nice, I may have to go find one. I don’t have really acne-prone skin, either, so I guess I’ll have to find a radiance-enhancer type of mask or something.
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    1. Shivani Post author

      I love Lush’s love lettuce for exfoliating and brightening. A word of warning, steer clear of Boscia’s black mask, I found it to be a waste of money, tbh. I currently have a sample of Laura Mercier’s face polish – it has crushed pearls in it, I love it for exfoliating :)
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  2. rashmi

    i have never tried this but heard very good things about this 😀 ….. but as you said i also like to try their face mask atleast once :d … am gonna try this for sure for the baby soft effect 😀


    1. Shivani

      Wow you are total strict vegetarian, eh? My mom forced me to eat eggs because of protein deficiency. And also because here cakes, muffins, cookies – everything has eggs I have to just turn a blind eye. Well once you eat, there isn’t much apprehension putting it on your face. But I totally appreciate your commitment, its truly commendable.


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