Before taking pictures of make-up, I used to be obsessed taking pictures of the food I eat, at restaurants of course. If you remember, I had pneumonia, but I am completely fine now. Fine enough to go socialize, so yay for that! I am slowly getting used to my new surroundings, today I went for brunch with one of dear friends of four years. We discussed the pro and cons of living in Vancouver, while we love the weather and culture here, we are not so fond of the higher tax and smelly hobos around. We realized Calgary was not so bad, but we don’t want to go back; not unless we have to. We really just miss the yoga studios of Calgary (I haven’t been practicing for months now, which is finally showing up on my hips – them hips don’t lie)! Today we went to Foubourg; A Parisian bakery with all sorts of ridiculously delicious and fattening food. Yes, I used to take pictures of what I ate, but so did my friends. This geeky habit I somehow got rid of, but thankfully my friend did not. We took pictures of our beautiful brunch. The benedicts with ham and hash brown’s are my friend’s and the Two Baked Cheese Salad with figs was mine (it was soo good!)

Ok, the restaurants and culture is not all we love about Vancouver. We really, really appreciate being able to see the ocean and mountains from our apartment windows. Vancouver is really, one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Just some of the snapshots I took from my camera. Unfortunately because of my demanding course load, I haven’t been able to go around lots, so the pictures I took reflect my limited go arounds!

I would add more pictures, but they are from the same setting so you will start to think that Vancouver is just made up of one thing! That’s not what I want you to think :) Vancouver, overall is a wonderful place to live, but I wish the driving was better. I hesitate to drive here. The only time I drive is when I go grocery shopping, lolz! I don’t like Vancouver for another thing, that there is no Milly here. I miss my nonu! SHE SO CUTE, ITZ NOT MY FAULT!

She stands up for cheese!


Work so hard for a piece of cheese!


I think I could go on forever. I realize this was not beauty related, but that’s how it will be from now on. I need some break from make-up madnezz! How was your weekend?

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5 thoughts on “As geeky as it may sound…

    1. Shivani Post author

      lol she doesn’t do anything…just plays up her charm 😉 haha yup why do they love food so much???? Regardless of how well fed they are, these doggies just never seem to be full.

      And I am so sorry about Dennison, but I am glad he has a happy home now. I don’t understand people who go to the extent of hurting their pets. Hello, you could not adopt them in the first place! Douchebag previous owner, I hate you.
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