Remember MAC Creme Cup? Yeah, the one which I really hated didn’t love, was a complete waste of my $17.50? Well it now resides in my failed attempt of a lipstick sundae (nothing wrong with the concept, but the lipsticks’ consistency is too thick to effectively work). I have no regrets though, because I already Back’ed 2 MAC my detested Creme Cup. Anyways, want to meet the better version of Creme Cup (for me, anyways!)? It is MAC Brave, a pink beige with white pearl in a Satin finish. It is a bit on the cooler side, but doesn’t wash a girl with a peachy undertone, like yours truly. It is like the perfect pale lipstick which does not wash you out. It is my perfect light pink lipstick which covers the pigmentation on my lips really nicely and comes out opaque in color, not intensity. I love wearing this everyday, but when I do, I try wear a neutral foundation to get a full effect. In my (Brave) FOTD, I am wearing MAC Face and Body in C4, which is a neutral foundation. Satin is one of my favorite finishes, I know I say that for most of MAC’s lipsticks, but its true. Besides frost and glaze, I am in love with every formula. If you are of similar coloring to me and have had a hard time with light pink lipsticks, do try MAC Brave because you may just find the one.

And in case you are really wondering, yes it is still me. I photograph different when I take pictures of myself vs when I take pictures in the mirror. I am terribly unphotogenic, but I’m proud to say, I have not let that bother me or stopped me from blogging. You just learn to love your flaws and work with them. And sometimes its fun to just take photos of yourself in the mirror. I’m not blessed with an assistant who will take pictures of me, so yeah, I’ll work with what I have in the meantime.

But of course, the vividness of colors gets lost…

Eyes; MAC Smolder Kohl as a base and MAC Carbon all over the lid.

Lips; MAC Brave

Cheeks; Benefit Sugarbomb

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11 thoughts on “Put on a brave face (of the day) with MAC Brave Lipstick

  1. rashmi

    this is certainly veryyy pretty shade shivu šŸ˜€ šŸ˜€ and you are looking so cute in all the pics …. i loved the hint of pink on lips

    and what is this ?? :Iā€™m not blessed with an assistant who will take pictures of me”

    not all of us are lucky babes isnt it ?? šŸ˜€ šŸ˜€


  2. Vera

    I just bought brave, and love it too, I think I have same issue like you, the pigmented lips… Any suggestion for another lipstick? Like bright pink from Mac ?


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