MAC See Sheer lipstick ($17.50 Cdn)  is a grapefruit pink in a lustre finish. Why I bought this lipstick? It is simple, one of my readers recommended this to me during the time I was obsessing over the Mickey Contractor Collection.  So thank you AC for recommending this lipstick to me. What took me so long to get this, I don’t know! Now coming back to this lipstick, it is one gorgeous color, trust! One of the best coral lipsticks from MAC, or any other line for that matter that is tailor made for medium/tan skin tones. This color is such a chameleon, it goes from a light coral to a heavy pink based coral depending on the lighting. What I am torn on, is the fact that I don’t know how to classify this one; whether it is a day or evening lipstick. A lot will depend on your personality, obviously. For students, I can see this as a day lipstick because it is by no means as bright as the lovely and the very daring cousin of this one by the name of MAC Chaud, but still very fun.If you are, however, working in a professional setting, I would stay away from this one during the hours of 9-5. As for the formula, it works exceptionally well with the color. Slightly moisturizing, slightly glossy and somewhat sheer; that’s a MAC lustre finish lipstick for you. I am personally a big fan of the lustre formulas, so I like this one a lot. It is also one color which will work for all age groups. I personally think MAC See Sheer is a must have for almost everyone who has a golden undertone; it is just one of the classics for me.

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