Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic is the fancy name for the toner in Liz Earle’s skin care line. It is a divine smelling liquid which looks smells like it is delivered right from heaven, really. It claims to be “a non drying toner which refreshes, soothes and brightens the skin”. While it is indeed bang on non drying, refreshing and soothing, even after using it for a good month or so, I am yet to benefit from its brightening properties. There is nothing more refreshing at the end of the day than taking your make up off, cleansing your face and applying a sweet smelling liquid and prepare for moisturizer. It is very soothing and the fragrance it carries is its trump card.

While it does indeed live up to its claims (except the brightening one), I was previously a non toner girl and this hasn’t done much to  convert me into one. If you ask me, just like all the other worthy toners I have tried, it is nice to have, not a must have. And you may just know how much of a minimalist I am and I prefer to avoid this step of skin care. So even after trying this for one long month, I remain what I previously was, a non toner girl! If you are a fan of toners, rest assured,  this will not disappoint you. You may also love it if you are a devoted fan of Liz Earle line. But I would skip it, if I am neither of the previously mentioned. It is nice, but nothing that makes me scream and shout – go get it, you know?

Sample sent by PR for consideration. 

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