Yes, it may look like I am still struck with Spring, even though Summer has gone by and Fall is already here. But no, for me, this is an everyday pretty look. I think its season proof. I have never been into fall make-up, so I have no motivation to put on vampy lip shades or spicy eyeshades; the entire color spectrum doesn’t agree with me. So yes, here I am with a pretty in pink FOTD. It is pink,… Read more »

  NEW YORK—Lancôme’s Artistic Makeup Director Aaron De Mey wanted to create a “super bronzed” complexion with chocolate eyes and soft bronze lips. For the eyes, he applied dark brown eyeliner to the upper and lower lash line and into the crease and blended away any edges. The liner was topped with two different brown shadows and once again blended to create a smoky look. Shimmer gold shadow was applied to the inner corner to really make the eyes pop…. Read more »

  Have you ever heard of MuLondon? Well if you haven’t yet, you must know about it now. It is a one man company which believes is providing quality organic and vegan moisturizers at very reasonable prices. I was given the opportunity to try the MuLONDON Organic Rose, Rosehip & Rosemary moisturizer (19 British Pounds for 60 mL) and I can honestly say I have met a lifelong friend in it. As you may know, I live in Canada and… Read more »

A new Ultra Luxe Lipstick With Peptide Technology shade called GREECE a neutral plum purple. This neutral plum gives you that perfect shade which is right in between a nude pink and a cool purple. Brightens any complexion and will work with your entire wardrobe?destined to become another Vasanti Top Seller Our brand new Vitamin E Infused Lipshine shade named AEGEAN SEA which is the perfect nude plum with a soft beautiful sparkle. Beautiful on its own or try over… Read more »

Remember MAC Creme Cup? Yeah, the one which I really hated didn’t love, was a complete waste of my $17.50? Well it now resides in my failed attempt of a lipstick sundae (nothing wrong with the concept, but the lipsticks’ consistency is too thick to effectively work). I have no regrets though, because I already Back’ed 2 MAC my detested Creme Cup. Anyways, want to meet the better version of Creme Cup (for me, anyways!)? It is MAC Brave, a… Read more »

  Flirt with a stranger, splurge on stilettos, wear nothing but your favorite fragrance to bed and revel in pure pleasure—Charmed Life empowers you to do it all. The aroma of indulgence, Charmed Life is a sexy new addition to the Signature Collection. The sparkling blend of bright fruits, dazzling pink pepper, and frosted white orchids lets your spoil yourself every day. Charmed Life is a part of Bath & Body Works’ “Sexy” collection, a set of scents designed to make you feel alluring, confident and sensual.   Charmed Life joins the Signature… Read more »

First day of fall already, eh? I can’t believe it! Right now the weather in Vancouver is still beautiful, it is supposed to rain cats & dogs in a few weeks time. It is mostly cloudy but the sun does pay us a visit every now and then. I love the breezy air at nights quite unlike the icy winds of my hometown that you get to feel once September comes. Ok, I think I either sound like a weather… Read more »

Lisamarie from Beauty Crazed revels in the luxury of lash extensions – come admire her fluttery lashes and find out what they have in common with Gremlins! Christina Aguilera was the inspiration for the celebrity makeup challenge over at SocialiteDreams. Check out the recreated makeup looks and participate on the next celeb! Addicted to Beauty gets fresh and fruity with her Strawberry Nail Art Tutorial. Madame B Fatale finally continues on with her Decades Past series with a 70’s inspired… Read more »

100% Pure Healthy Skin Foundation with Super Fruits SPF 20 ($41 Cdn) is a satin/full coverage foundation. For those of you who are unfamiliar with 100% Pure, it is one of the few (big, bigger) brands which try to use all natural ingredients into cosmetics, making them all good for our skin (I like that part). Since the introduction is done, I would like to go ahead and dissect its claims. {Rich and Creamy} Yes, very rich and creamy. The… Read more »

Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic is the fancy name for the toner in Liz Earle’s skin care line. It is a divine smelling liquid which looks smells like it is delivered right from heaven, really. It claims to be “a non drying toner which refreshes, soothes and brightens the skin”. While it is indeed bang on non drying, refreshing and soothing, even after using it for a good month or so, I am yet to benefit from its brightening properties…. Read more »

MAC See Sheer lipstick ($17.50 Cdn)  is a grapefruit pink in a lustre finish. Why I bought this lipstick? It is simple, one of my readers recommended this to me during the time I was obsessing over the Mickey Contractor Collection.  So thank you AC for recommending this lipstick to me. What took me so long to get this, I don’t know! Now coming back to this lipstick, it is one gorgeous color, trust! One of the best coral lipsticks from… Read more »

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