In about two week’s time, it is back to school for me. A lot of readers must also be going back to school, so in honour of that, I decided to do a post on my favorite day safe, easy to wear lip glosses. Why lip glosses? Because when I look back at my undergrad days, that’s all I wore. I just had ONE lipstick, that’s all! I was obsessed with lipglosses, mainly Lancome’s Juicy Tube in Bolele, which is discontinued now I think. I saw Britney Spears wear it on the cover of Seventeen magazine once and I was obsessed. There was also a Chanel one, I still have it. I use to use that one sparingly because it was my first and turns out till now, only Chanel lipgloss. Oh gosh, this is turning out to be me being nostalgic about my old lip glosses. Oh well, without further delay let’s roll out my top 5 choices for natural lip glosses.

Β Lip Fusion lipgloss in Bare ($38) buy it only if you have spare cash sitting in Β your wallet. It is a nice lip gloss, I love the color, it is sheer. It plumps the lips without any irritation or sensation. Non sticky, too. But the price is a bummer.

NARS Lipgloss in Chihuahua ($29 Cdn) is my favorite natural gloss. Non sticky, opaque and long lasting.

MAC Lipglass in Prrr ($17.50) is a frosty pale peach gloss. I wouldn’t call it work safe, but school safe, yes! It is or was once upon a time, Paris Hilton’s favorite gloss. No, not that I ever liked her, but that’s how I remember this gloss, LOL!

Korres Cherry Full Colour Gloss in Nude ($17) is a full color gloss and has one of the most fabulous textures and feels of all the glosses I know. If only Korres came up with more shades, I would be more inclined to pick this over other brands.

MAC Lipglass in Nymphette ($17.50 Cdn) is a shimmering golden pink, which is PERFECT for day. It adds enough spark and shine on your lips and comes across as extremely natural and pretty.

L-R (Lip Fusion in Bare, NARS Chihuahua, MAC Prrr, Korres Nude, MAC Nymphette)

Those were my picks for top 5 natural glosses, which is your favorite everyday gloss?

Sorry, I know I have a coffee stain on my teeth. I just want to leave it as is for a while. I have done enough teeth whitening in the past and I feel it is best for me to leave it alone for a little longer and have my dentist take care of it in my annual check up.

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34 thoughts on “Top 5: Natural Lip Glosses

  1. Poornima

    I liked the Nars one a lot…

    Glosses are always the best for college days no? Kinda peppy and cool…There were some girls in my class who loved wearing dark lippies to college and it looked so….old ish..meh


  2. Zara

    Nars and MAC Nymphette look really awesome on you :) :)

    This post IS pretty nostalgic..takes me back to college days when I used to carry tubes and tubes of them and in every break all us gals wud go the washroom and whip them out and re-apply and then access and discuss each one..hehe..the Gud Ol’ dayz..


  3. Neeraj

    The glosses look so amazing. I love the hither-thither glitter sparkle with less coverage because nude glosses can look very pale on lips at times….Really beautiful colors..I am so jealous I dont stay in US otherwise I would have bought everything they sell!!


    1. Shivani Post author

      You can still get the MAC glosses and Korres ships to India, I think. I really like this brand and everything I have tried is amazing so far.


  4. Rinny

    I really like the NARS one on you! I don’t like how sticky their lipgloss formulation is though. I have 2 Korres lipglosses and really like them too. I wish they had a wider selection of colors.


    1. Shivani Post author

      Thanks girl. I think NARS is not sticky at all though, creamy, yes but it doesn’t feel sticky on me. I love Korres lipglosses too and ditto, I wish they had more colors to choose from.


  5. Mari

    I’m so glad I’ve come across your blog! I’ve been looking for a new lip gloss to start off the school year. Your blog is great!
    Feel free to check mine out :)


  6. desipolitan

    Yay! I love nude lippies. I used to buy Teddy Bear by Clinique by the box because it was the perfect nude gloss for me – no shimmer but also not a heavy matte finish. Then those jerks went and discontinued it. Grrr. I used Benefit’s Fender Bender gloss after that, but then it got discontinued too. Now thanks to you, I have a bunch to try out! The Korres gloss looks fab on you.


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