I, like most beauty bloggers, have more stuff to last me at least three last times. At least at the pace I am using it currently. As surprising as it may seem, I rarely wear make-up in my non blogging life. Let’s face it, its expensive; I have sacrificed many pairs of Louboutins for the make up I buy (I used to battle a shoe addiction, which I apparently replaced with make-up). I really want to go out there and splurge, but the frugal person in me (yes, its alive apparently) can’t make sense of it all. So I thought, why not actually finish somethings before indulging in another spree?

I chose 1) Urban Decay Primer Potion in Sin because it is almost finished and this makes it so much easier. Also, I want to get MAC Paint Pot in rubenesque, which is similar, so it only makes sense I finish something like that before. 2) MAC Studio Finish Concealer; ever since I found my holy grail in theBalm’s Time Balm concealer, I don’t use other concealers, at all. This is by no means a bad concealer and deserves to get used and now I have decided that it will :). 3) MAC Fluidline in Blitz & Glitz; it is drying up for the second time and is half finished. It needs to RIP finally, so I plan to finish it as soon as I can. 4) MAC Plushglass in Big Baby; I have had this for a while now and is half done, therefore must go. 5) MAC Lipglass in Virgin Kiss (LE) it was the third lipgloss I ever bought from MAC. It is limited edition from years ago, so I can’t use it on the blog. But the color is wearable for everyday. It must be finished.

I tag this to everyone of you. It is important to finish up products if you really want to get your money’s worth! So I would encourage you to finish a few products before buying new ones!

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14 thoughts on “Project Pan 5!

  1. Neeraj

    Trust me on this Shivani…being an ex-beauty junkie this is what I suggest to everyone who asks me about purchases. I have been battling makeup addiction since long and I have simply stopped buying stuff until its of utter importance…Especially millions of paintpots etc which at the end of the day, lets face it are sitting under the shadow doing nothing.

    I am going to invest in some fabulous products from Girlactik beauty though I have to waver from my all time favorite, Benefit Lemonaid Primer.

    I liked ur take on that. I would suggest to exhaust most things you have in makeup and u r lucky to be a lady to do so.

    Great Day!!


    1. Shivani Post author

      what do you mean ex beauty junkie? lol I know what you mean Neeraj but this is only the tip of the ice berg. I can never even think of hitting a pan on any of my blushes so I could not include a single one in that list. And the lipsticks? I’m not that ambitious. I hope I finish these 5 right here, it would be a big achievement for me.


  2. rashmi

    wow shivu :D :D you know after reading this am left with no words … i need to finish so many gel liners and paint pots and so many lipsticks and so many blushes …


    1. Shivani Post author

      start with five. I’m not even thinking about the blushes. They can still last a life time, but these things get contaminated with bacteria.


  3. Zara

    I wish I cud dare t do this..I dont recall hitting a pan of any item :( I do want to…but its so hard not t giv in to temptation when I see so many variations in the market…sigh…But yes I’ve stopped buying e/s coz I hardly wear them anymore and it doesnt make sense to buy more n more of them..

    As u mentioned, I can never even think of finishing blushes..i am a total blush lover and hoard them like its the end of the world! ;) No sensibility here ;)


    1. Shivani Post author

      Oh I only remember ever finishing a product when I was a teenager. The only people who run out of make-up are teenagers, I’m convinced. The last thing I ever run out of was MAC Juxt eyeshadow. That’s it. I havent finished a single thing since then :(


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