MAC Lipliner in Cherry  ($16.50 Cdn) is one of my best buys. No, I am not necessarily suggesting that MAC makes the best lipliners out there. Quality wise, it is a pretty decent lip liner, so no complaints there. Applies smoothly and packs on color as it should. Definitely no budging or bleeding with this one. The texture is perfect; not too gooey, not too stiff.

Ok now coming back to my claim why I think it is one of my best buys? Well simply because it is versatile. It works as a lipliner (duh) and as a lip color on its own. And it works especially nice with its coloring, which is a vivid blue red. Sometimes red is a little too intimidating to wear as a lip color. Wearing this as is, is  a wonderful subtler alternative to going the “bold route” aka full on red lips. It also pairs well with a lipstick {any blue red is a perfect partner in crime}. Again, a red lip liner is a must have in a stash, red lipsticks are best worn with lip liners in my experience. I personally feel that this was money well spent! Even though I don’t think many of us wear red lips everyday, I feel if you buy a red lipstick, you may as well buy a red lipliner and this one does the job darn well!

Cherry on its own! Isn't it pretty?

With MAC Heartless Lipstick (Neutral red with amplified finish)


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22 thoughts on “MAC Lipliner in Cherry

  1. Mar

    Love this shade on your lips. I think I’d love to try this product, I’ve been having thoughts of purchasing a good lip liner for some time now! Thanks for this review! – Mar


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